PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 8 Week 8 Mission Guide

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PUBG Mobile Season 8 finally comes to a close with the release of the Week 8 challenges. It’s been a rapid two months of play, but we’re all about to be dragged into Season 9 whether we’re ready or not.

Like every other week, we’re here to provide a list of (hopefully) helpful tips for clearing the PUBG Mobile weekly missions fast. Here’s your final PUBG Mobile Season 8 weekly challenge guide.

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PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 8 Mission Guide – Silver Missions


Kill 12 enemies in Los Leones with an assault rifle – 100 RP

Los Leones is the largest city on the Miramar map, making it a hotspot of activity at any point in a match. Killing 12 enemies with assault rifles shouldn’t be too difficult here, but you can increase your chances with the right equipment.

Go for an assault rifle with a 4x scope a single-fire mode if you prefer to camp out and pick off targets from a distance. If you’re the CQC type, grab a red dot sight and just spray your targets down as you drift between houses.

Use the Clap Emote in Pochinki – 50 RP

Another case of dropping in on a popular destination. It’s really as simple as it sounds – just drop in or work your way to Pochinki and pull off the Clap emote without getting shot down in the process. Maybe hide somewhere if you’re not looking for a fight.

Land on top of any building in the Quarry area 3 times – 50 RP

A simple task of dropping in on yet another popular battle location. You’ll find the Quarry on the Sanhok map where it’s considered a “major landmark”. What that means is that you should expect your fair share of enemies in and around the location.

Other players will be dropping there for the rare loot possibilities, meaning a precise drop on a building may very well result in a quick death. Stick to dropping on buildings around the outer edge of the area if and travel out if you’re not looking to fight for your lift right from the start.

Kill 10 enemies with SKS – 50 RP

The dreaded SKS is considered a mix of a sniper and assault rifle. It shines in medium-range combat but suffers from a relatively low 10-round magazine, making it a bit tricky to use in active firefights without exceptional aim. Its high recoil doesn’t help here.

Deal a total of 4000 damage in Any Mode – 50 RP

This one will simply come in time. With an average of 100 damage needed to completely eliminate a target without any healing in-between, 4000 points of damage will take some time to reach.

You don’t need to change how you play in order to finish this, but players with little time on their hands can probably rattle it off quickly in a mode with respawning enabled – like War or Deathmatch.

Get a Flare Gun once in a match 5 times – 50 RP

Probably the hardest mission of them all, the Flare Gun is an exceptionally rare item. And there’s a reason for it. The Flare Gun is used to call in air drops with powerful gear – but it comes from an air drop itself. Consider it a reward for taking the risk to open an air drop.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 8 Mission Guide – Gold Missions

PUBG Mobile MVP screen

Complete 10 matches in Arcade mode – 75 RP

Probably one of the more exciting challenges in recent weeks. It’s one which should give you a break from grinding repetitive Classic matches. We know most come to PUBG Mobile for that BR experience, but playing the odd Arcade match can really help you recharge. Rather than replace one grind with another, just play an Arcade mode match between every Classic one.

If you haven’t played an Arcade mode match before, check out our Team Deathmatch guide, Zombie mode guide, or read up on the differences between Mini-Zone and Quick Match to find which one’s right for your playstyle.

Kill 3 enemies with Fist – 150

To take down enemies with fists, you’re going to want to target someone with a clunky weapon or no weapon at all. You’ll have the strongest chance of this early in a match, so following one or two players out of the plane might be a good idea. Whether you hide and sneak up on them or go in fists ablaze is entirely up where your expertise lie.

Revive teammates 5 times – 75 RP

You’re obviously going to have to play in a group to complete this challenge. Duos or a full squad is up to you, but you’ll probably stand a better chance of rescuing a buddy in a larger group – and you’ll have more opportunities to do so.

As cruel as that sounds. Stick with your squad and be sure to lay down some suppressive fire if an ally gets knocked down to keep the enemy from killing them off for good. Be patient with your rescue attempts.

Land within 200m of your parachute location 3 times – 75 RP

This is a simple case of just committing to your initial jump. Know where you want to land when you jump out of the plane and you’ll have no trouble clearing this.

We’re not even sure why it’s a mission in the first place. For reference, each square on the map measures 100m, so you want to travel no more than two of these when gliding from the plane.

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