PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 8 Week 7 Mission Guide

Bozos in El Pozo

This is it. The penultimate week of PUBG Mobile Season 8. It sees the return of the rooftop landing mission, and a tough gig with a trio of Pan kills. You’ll need to work hard to complete this week’s missions before the next kick in. But with a break likely after that, there’s no real rush. Either way, our PUBG Mobile Season 8 mission guide series continues. Here are a few tips to knock the Week 7 missions out of the park.

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PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 7 Mission Guide – Silver Missions

PUBG Mobile El Pozo

Land on top of any building in El Pozo 3 times – 50 RP

You’ll find El Pozo on the Miramar map on the northwest/central quadrant. Like most of these landing missions, the area in question is laden with plenty of vehicles to help you make your escape if needed – which is recommended if you’re new to the area. El Pozo is a loot haven like plenty of other settlements. With everyone landing there for the same reason, you’re in for the fight of your life.

Complete 15 matches with friends – 100 RP

Here’s another reason to check out the official PUBG Mobile Discord server if you haven’t already. It’s a great place to find the kinds of people looking to complete this fairly demanding mission. If you’re strapped for time, try something like Team Deathmatch. Add people after a good round and invite them for a few more. They’re far shorter than a Classic BR match, after all.

Kill 3 enemies with Pan – 50 RP

The true mascot of the game itself, getting a kill with he Pan isn’t as hard as it sounds. Unlike melee weapons in some other games, the PUBG Mobile Pan can topple an unarmored opponent in two body shots (or one headshot).

It’s recommended you sneak up on an opponent with any particular melee weapon if possible, but as the pan can deflect bullets, there’s a slim chance of surviving a head-on assault. Then again, for 50 RP, is it really worth the effort?

Destroy 10 vehicle tires – 50 RP

Two and a half cars, then? Easy! The cars don’t need to be manned by anyone, so just pop any wheels you don’t need on your travels. These are more commonly found on the outskirts of settlements, but you can also use something like the online PUBG map tool to find frequent vehicles spawning points.

Get a Frag Grenade in 20 matches – 50 RP

This one should just naturally happen over time. Frag Grenades are hardly rare in PUBG Mobile; so much so that we can’t recommend any noteworthy spawn points over another. Just look out for them like you would a Smoke Grenade.

Kill 20 enemies in Sahmee with assault rifles – 50 RP

You’ll find Sahmee on the southwest side of Sanhok. It’s a bustling town with plenty of houses to occupy, making it a figurative fortress for anyone going there for its copious amounts of loot. It’s a prime location for assault rifles, but you’ll likely need to come into the town with one already on your person. SMGs still rule the roost in close combat areas like buildings, but between buildings or around its alleyways, getting 20 AR kills shouldn’t be too difficult over the course of your weekly matches.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 7 Mission Guide – Gold Missions

30,000 PUBG Mobile mission

Travel over 30,000m in a vehicle – 150 RP

A quick point of reference: PUBG maps are measured in square kilometers, meaning you’re going to need to cover roughly 30 of these to tick this mission off. One corner of Erangel to the opposite is around 7km (or 7,000m), so strap up for a long ride. You can just do laps around a map if you want, but you should probably just let this one come naturally.

Kill 2 enemies within 100 seconds of landing in any mode – 75 RP (Bonus)

While this can be done relatively easily by experienced players in popular drop locations, most others will want to hit up the Quick Match or War modes to clear it. With a smaller concentration of players in one and respawn enabled in the other, they’re definitely what Tencent has in mind when it specifies completing this in any mode.

Get a Lv. 3 Backpack in 10 matches – 75 RP

You’ll have a better chance of finding high-level equipment like this by hitting up popular loot spots. These are typically larger towns and settlements. Area’s like Erangel’s Georgopol or Vikendi’s Volnova are but a few.

There’s also the option of looting them from deceased players or finding them in air drops. Although there’s typically far more risk involved here.

Kill 5 enemies by headshot – 75 RP

This is where a 4x scope will start to shine. Both marksmen/sniper and assault rifles can easily pick off most players with a single or double-tap headshot. It’s often risky to aim for one in a close combat firefight, so standing back, being patient, and picking off passing or approaching targets.

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