PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 8 Week 6 Mission Guide

Elite pass holders, it's time to channel your inner Keanu Reeves!

Another week, another PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royale Pass guide. It’s now week 6 and we’re closing in fast on the penultimate week of Season 8 missions. Week 6 isn’t doing a whole lot differently, but you’ll immediately notice the lack of “Land on top of” missions this time around.

We’re still going to be jetting off to a few specific maps this week, but you’ll have full control of where to go – unless you’re doing the Gold emote mission, that is. Let’s get to it.

New to the PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royale Pass? Check out all the good stuff here. If you’ve just missed a few weeks, get caught up with our other guides below!

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 6 Mission Guide – Silver Missions

PUBG Mobile DP-28 spawns

Kill 20 enemies with DP-28 – 100 RP

With that signature saucer magazine, the Russian-made DP-28 is easy to spot out in the wild. This powerful LMG is exclusive to the base Erangel map, so you’re a bit limited as to how you can clear this particular mission. Thankfully, it spawns out in the wild fairly often, so you won’t be relying on air drops.

The DP-28 is slower than its M249 counterpart, but makes up for this through lower natural recoil and higher effective range, making it well-suited to gunning down opponents further downfield with the right scope.

Reach Diamond tier or above – 50 RP

PUBG Mobile seems to think six weeks of challenges will prepare you for this – it probably won’t. There’s only really one way to reach Platinum: play a lot. That’s the only way you’ll conjure the skills needed to get up there. If you want to get good fast outside of playing, look into watching the pros on YouTube. There’s bound to be plenty of helpful tips to pick out.

Kill an enemy from 300 meters away once – 50 RP

The typical sniper mission returns. 300 meters away on the map is usually from one side of a town to the other, so it makes sense to grab a sniper and sit on a roof or hill to tick this one off. Just remember to account for bullet drop and travel distance. If it’s possible to tick this one off in the Sniper Training mode, absolutely go for it.

Kill 5 enemies while prone – 50 RP

You’ve probably noticed people dropping to the floor as you open fire – it’s a genuinely helpful tactic to throw yourself to the ground to dodge some bullets and force your opponent to adjust their aim. Of course, it’s a great way to conceal yourself before you’re targeted, too.

As it reduces recoil on most guns, going prone can really help you get a kill in any number of ways. It just makes you a sitting duck if someone does clock you before you clock them. Try to reserve this for medium/long-distance potshots.

Kill 20 enemies with UMP9 – 50 RP

This is many people’s SMG of choice in the late game – great for close combat situations in townhouses. It’s a powerful weapon with high damage, low recoil, and triple firing modes. While it does have a longer effective range than most SMGs, we still suggest keeping this close to your chest as you run through buildings.

Finish in the top 3 3 times in any mode – 50 RP

“in any mode” is the real key phrase here. If you’re not quite up to the task of finishing in the top 3 of a classic match, just play whichever mode you’re most comfortable with. Something fast like Quick Match may help here.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 6 Mission Guide – Gold Missions

PUBG Mobile dodge emote

Use the “Dodge” emote in the military base area (RP rank reward) – 75 RP (+30 co-op)

As the mission says, the Dodge emote is exclusive to the upper ranks of the royale pass (rank 65), making it a true elite pass mission. This one is self-explanatory – just use that new emote in the Military Base area on Erangel and go about your day.

Deal 1000 damage in a single match – 75 RP

This one should easy enough if it counts in modes with respawning enabled like TDM and War. If not, you’re looking at a very late-game achievement. Gold royale pass holders have likely pulled this off before, but this time it’s for keeps.

Get 4x scope in 10 matches in classic mode – 75 RP

Long considered one of the most versatile scopes in the game, you’re usually encouraged to pick up the 4x ACOG scope even if you don’t currently have a weapon that accepts it. They’re pretty common for the most part, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble completing this mission as you go about your regular matches.

Kill 15 enemies with assault rifles in Sanhok in Classic – 150 RP

Sanhok, the third main map to arrive in PUBG Mobile, is quite a bit smaller than both Erangel and Miramar. It’s hilly terrain and numerous mapped locations can create plenty of scenarios where the well-balanced AR line of weapons really stand out. Being one of the most common drops, too, there shouldn’t be too much trouble ticking this off the list. We all have experience with these weapons.

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