PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 8 Week 1 Mission Guide

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There’s no time for a break when it comes to PUBG Mobile. Season 8 kicked off with patch 0.13.5 meaning the official start of Royale Pass 8 in already in full swing. Like past seasons of the Royale Pass, players are expected to clear batches of missions each week to score the points needed to level up the pass and unlock its exclusive loot.

As we’ve done in the past, we’ll be providing new Royale Pass mission guides each and every week to help you pave the way to fancy rewards. Here’s your Royale Pass 8 Week 1 mission guide.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 1 Mission Guide – Silver Missions

Finish in the top 3 twice with friends in Classic mode

PUBG Mobile MVP screen

There’s no getting around this. Unless you’re just coming into PUBG Mobile with Royale Pass 8, you’ll have a fairly solid self-made strategy for getting into the Top 3. It won’t be easy (unless you’re a pro), but there’s also no real need to rush this one. It’s one of those “play and you’ll get” type of missions given you’re never exactly aiming to get anything but 1st place.

If you do happen to struggle here, it never hurts to be less aggressive. Cutting down the competition can certainly get you there, but it can also easily get you killed. Sometimes you’re better off laying low while the rest of the players cull the competition for you. You may want to mic up.

Kill 20 enemies with M416

Possibly one of the most iconic assault rifles in the world, the M416 is one you’ve probably used before. In-game, that is. Getting 20 kills with this shouldn’t be hard. It’s a lawnmower.

The PUBG Mobile M416 can take an unprotected enemy out from 10 meters with a well-aimed blow to the head or a steady burst of bullets to anywhere else on the body. Its large magazine, dual firing modes, and its frequent spawn rate should make clearing the particular mission a doddle over time.

Kill 3 enemies with grenades

This is where to start taking those pro lessons to heart. If you’ve watched a professional PUBG Mobile match, you’ve no doubt seen grenades bouncing off window frames. While typically a means to get a stealthed foe to move into view, bowling a couple of pineapples into a room can spell disaster for anyone. If you happen to find yourself carefully watching a window for signs of movement, just toss a couple ‘nades in there instead.

Use the “Clap” of “Greet” emote in Pochinki

Pochinki is one of the most popular places on Erangel. A real loot haven. If you’re landing here to use the Clap or Greet emote, prepare for a rough escape. Have fun!

Give 20 LIKEs to teammates

Squad up! That’s the only way you’re going to get this one done any time soon. If you’re not one for squad matches, it’s a sink or swim moment for you.

Kill 2 enemies within 300 seconds of landing in Classic mode

Here’s on probably best achieved by landing somewhere popular – like Pochinki up above – and really timing your shots. If you see a few people ready to land before you, think about grabbing a gun from a nearby hut and flanking to rest as they battle it out.

If landing in a city, just play to your preferred playstyle. Raid the city guns blazing if you’re the Rambo type, or stealth it up like James Bond by sneaking through the houses.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 1 Mission Guide – Gold Missions

Land at least 1,500m from your parachute location 1 time

I’m not firing up the game to scientifically test this, but it hardly sounds like a difficult thing to pull off. Maybe more of a novelty mission.

This one means you need to land 1,500m away from where you pulled your parachute. Obviously, this won’t work out if you wait for the game to pull the cord for you. Just dive, pull, and drift long and far. From there, just treat it like any other match. It’s like location roulette.

Get an 8x scope in 5 matches in Classic mode

This is one copies straight from the final week of Season 7. 8x scopes are quite rare. They obviously lose their appeal as the play zone shrinks, but finding one early can be a real boon. There aren’t many ways to guarantee finding one, however, so you’ll just have to keep your eye’s peeled and hope for the best.

Don’t go looking for this in Sanhok. 8x scopes are limited to airdrops there. Though that will give you a reliable source of these things if you’re able to fight off the inevitable droves of players scrambling for the rest of the supplies.

Add 3 friends

Sounds like Tencent really wants to get people playing together. You can cheat this by just adding people from community hubs like Reddit, Discord, and Twitter, or you just play well in a group and fire off invites to whoever you got paired with. This one goes hand-in-hand with the 20 LIKEs mission above.

Complete 3 Clan Trainings

Again with the forced teamwork. Clan Training is as it sounds – a Clan activity – meaning you’ll need to join one before you can even attempt this. Once you’re in one, just tap into the Clain Training tab each day to clear whatever happens to be there. Easy enough.

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