PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 9 Week 8 Mission Guide

That's a lot of pineapples.

It’s time to see PUBG Mobile Season 9 off already. Week 8 challenges are here for Elite Pass holders, and they’re a bit of a mixed back. Plenty of grenade action, too, so be sure to warm up your throwing arm. Here’s what the Week 8 challenge logs looks like, with some choice tips on how to get through them.

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PUBG Mobile Arcade game modes

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Week 8 Royale Pass Missions

Kill 3 enemies with grenades – 50 RP

This one depends entirely on your experience level. Some players are naturals at tossing a pineapple through a window to deal with a defensive player, while others have a higher chance of accidentally killing themselves with the weapon instead. But that’s just it – the best chance you have of getting a grenade kill is to toss it through the window. Assuming you’re certain there’s a target in there, you’ll either kill them, force them to leave the room, or at least push them to a corner for you to finish off either another grenade or some piercing rounds.

Kill 10 enemies in Erangel in Classic mode with bolt action sniper rifles – 100 RP

Bolt action sniper rifles make up a large portion of marksmen-type weapons available in the game. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one. Even the most powerful sniper in the game (from air drops) fits the bill and can kill most targets in a single blow. Just find one you’re comfortable with, get a 6-8x scope, and pick people off from a safe spot – either on some high ground in a valley or from a town rooftop.

Eliminate 10 players with the G36C – 50 RP

The G36C is actually exclusive to the Vikendi map, so you’ll need to choose that if you’re completing this in Classic mode. The G36C is a fairly standard assault rifle, so there isn’t much advice to give about securing kills with this. Just get a decent optical sight if you’re out in the field, and think about swapping it for a red dot sight in urban areas.

Kill 10 enemies or more in a single match – 50 RP

Unless you rattle off chicken dinners like they’re nothing, getting 10 kills in a single Classic match isn’t easy. If you’re not quite at that level, consider trying to complete this one in Team Deathmatch instead. Remember: War Mode doesn’t work, so the “easiest” way isn’t really an option.

Finish in the top three, three times, in any mode – 50 RP

This is another way that secretly doesn’t count in War mode, so don’t even think about it. If you’re hoping to get this done quickly, just play whichever mode you’re best at. There’s no point trying to rush it in something like Quick Match if the random weapons compromise your ability to get the same ranking you expect in a full Classic match.

Complete 10 matches in Arcade mode – 50 RP

Some people just need some light encouragement to join Arcade game modes, and some bonus RP works a treat. Remember; this means no EvoGround stuff. Quick Match, Sniper Training, War, and Mini-Zone all work here. Just do whichever you prefer rather than the fastest. If you’re new to these, we have guides for Quick Match and Mini-Zone to help you find a favorite.

Military Base Week 8 PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Week 8 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Kill 20 enemies in the Military Base area 150 RP

The Erangel Military Base is always swarming with enemies. It makes up a large portion of the map, though, so it’s not quite the claustrophobic mess you’d expect from somewhere like Los Leones. Given the kinds of loot you’ll find at the Military Base, it’s worth landing here and fighting your way out not just for this mission, but at a solid chance at the whole match. You’ll be packing some serious heat after visiting this place.

Kill two enemies within 100 seconds of landing in any mode – 75 RP

Landing in a popular place might not be the easiest way to actually secure the kills, but you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to targets. This is another we’re pretty sure won’t work in War mode, and given the specific need to “land”, chances are it won’t work in many EvoGround modes, either. Just land somewhere popular and get ready to fight.

Kill 20 enemies with SCAR-L – 75 RP

The SCAR-L is actually what the G36C replaces on Vikendi, so you’ll want to stay clear of that map for this one. The SCAR-L itself benefits from relatively low recoil, making it a solid choice in most situations where an assault rifle is typically used. It’s not a massive performer from long-range, but by being quieter with each shot compared to the competition, it’s possible to keep a low profile by picking your shots.

Get a Frag Grenade in 20 matches – 75 RP

Frag grenades can be found all, no matter the map. Finding a frag in 20 total rounds should just mean playing 20 rounds – assuming you aren’t killed within 2 seconds of reaching the floor. These types of missions aren’t usually worth thinking about. They’ll just come naturally. There’s no point in changing the way you play to prioritize it.

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