PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 9 Week 6 Mission Guide

Double up those LMG gibs!

PUBG Mobile Week 6 missions are a go, and as someone on Reddit has kindly pointed out, there’s a clear copy of one mission from last week’s lot. That means if you’re yet to complete that, you’ll be able to clear both missions at the same time once Week 6 missions are available to you. Thanks for the tip, MistryJii!

As usual, this PUBG Mobile weekly mission guide is here to help you complete each of Season 9’s tricky challenges.

Missed a week? Get caught up:

Pochinki Week 6 PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Week 6 Royale Pass Missions

Kill 20 enemies in Pochinki with assault rifles – 100 RP

Assault rifles are probably the more popular weapons in any shooter game. With decent range, high fire rate, and large magazines, they’re suited to many situations. Something like the M16A4 springs to mind as the best of the lot, but it’s a subjective argument at best. Honestly, the best assault rifle is whichever you’re most experienced with. So find your favorite and get to work.

When it comes to getting 20 AR kills in Pochinki, it’s all depends on when you get there, and what you bring to the fight. Pochinki is a very popular loot hotspot. Tight-knit buildings make it more of a SMG/shotgun haven, but due to its typical high player count, with the right attitude and attachments, getting 20 Pochinki AR kills should just be a matter of patience, awareness, and mobility. Stick to alleyways rather than houses and wide-open areas.

Kill 20 enemies with DP-28 – 50 RP

Here’s the one you can pair up with last week’s generic LMG kills mission.

The Erangel exclusive DP-28 is an ageing light machine gun with incredible stopping power and balanced recoil. Finding this uncommon weapon out in the field will probably prove harder than actually getting the kills required to complete this week’s mission.

Though unable to accept many modern attachments, the DP-28 can handle a 6X scope. Paired with going prone to manage its feedback, you should be able to pick off targets with relative ease. Just avoid holding the trigger too long, as shakey accuracy will start to become a deciding factor.

Get a Lv. 3 Helmet in 10 matches – 50 RP

Easier said than done, you largely need to be getting into the Top 5 or Top 10 to even have a shot at this.

Chances are you can loot a Lv. 3 helmet for anyone you take down within that final leg of the match. Just pop a smoke as you go to loot and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one of these if you’re able to make it into the closing moments of a game. Barring that, use those smokes to pillage an air drop without getting yourself killed.

Kill 3 enemies with Pan – 50 RP

This week is really challenging us, huh? As iconic and powerful as the PUBG Pan is, getting close enough to someone for that critical strike without being first blown away by a shotgun is a challenge in itself.

The earlier in a match you find a pan, the easier this challenge will be. You want to grab it when people are still struggling to find guns. If you pick on up late, you might as well head over to a crowded urban environment (like Pochinki) and get a few assassination-style kills by sneaking around houses during hectic firefights.

Deal a total of 4000 damage in any mode – 50 RP

Killing an opponent from full health will net you 100 points toward this. Have them heal up between bouts and you’ll earn a little more. Either way, you’re looking at quite the killing spree to deal 4000 points of damage (assuming damage to vehicles doesn’t count).

PUBG Mobile is all about the kills. Kills equal damage. Thus, this mission will clear itself with time. Just forget it exists and you’ll tick it off.

Land on top of any building in San Martin 3 times – 50 (+ 30) RP

Found in the center of Miramar, San Martin is a relatively small town blessed with above-average loot spawns. As you can imagine, it’s a popular landing spot already, with plenty of other settlements situated close by.

Landing on top of San Martin is an easy gig. And that’s all you need to do to clear this mission, so don’t worry about dying to the inevitable gunfire once you’re there. If anything, dying early just makes clearing this even faster.

PUBG Mobile Week 6 Thanks and Greet emote challenge

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Week 6 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Use the “Thanks” or “Greet” emote in Los Leones – 75 (+ 30) RP

For once, it’s not asking us to use a Royale Pass reward emote for this. “Thanks” and “Greet” are two of the three default emotes every player has access to, so this mission is all about the trip to Los Leones.

Los Leones is found at the far south of the Miramar map. It’s the map’s largest settlement by far. If you’re landing there to do an emote, find somewhere safe. Worry about getting out alive after that.

Kill 3 enemies with AWM in any mode – 150 RP

This air drop exclusive bolt-action sniper rifle is the cream of the crop when it comes to long-range kills. Getting your hands on this particular piece is likely to prove more difficult that clearing the mission requirements. Use the old smoke grenade method to loot it and just focus on getting away once it’s in your hands.

Once safe, getting the three necessary kills should be as simple and aiming and firing. Its damage potential doesn’t change even at 100 meters, with a body shot capable of taking down any slightly injured player with a Lv. 1 vest and double-tapping anyone else at full HP. Headshots mean death no matter what your target is wearing.

Kill 2 enemies within 300 seconds of landing in Classic mode – 75 RP

Most veterans can opt to complete this by dropping into their usual high-value loot spots. If you’re a more reserved player, it’s a case of knowing where to get a decent weapon and where to quickly run to find ill-equipped targets.

If you have good handling of your parachute, follow a couple of targets down to their landing spot, but glide right through a building window to beat them to the loot. Then it’s just a matter of turning the gun on them and quickly finding a second, final target.

Kill an enemy from 200 meters away 3 times – 75 RP

Here’s one you’ll scratch off easy with those AWP kills. It’s possible to clear this with a 4-6x scope on an assault rifle or LMG, but you’re clearly meant to grab a sniper for this.

Either park yourself on a hilltop or get on the roof of a busy settlement. 200m is about half the distance of most denser settlements (like San Martin), so if you’re packing a machine gun of any kind, just prepare to pick your shots.

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