PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 9 Week 4 Mission Guide

Join us for a drink in Pochinki!

For those ready and willing to fork up a bit of cash, PUBG Mobile Season 9 Week 4 is ready to accept. Unless you’re here during the actual week 4, that is. Either way, that means we’re already halfway through the newest season. The Warriors Unite theme has slowly introduced combatants from different cultures, but the way to unlock most of these goodies remains the same – in-app transactions and the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass.

If you’ve come here expecting a sneak peek and a guide to this week’s missions, you’ve come to the right place. Have uncleared missions from previous weeks? Get all caught up with our previous guides.

Missed a week? Get caught up:

PUBG Mobile take a drink emote unlock

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Week 4 Royale Pass Missions

Use the Have a Drink emote in Pochinki (RP rank reward) – 50 RP

At least Tencent is kind enough to include the relevant information in this one. If you haven’t been keeping up with missions up until now, you probably won’t have the RP required to unlock this emote. If you do, great. Just equip it to your loadout and follow the instructions. You’ll find the Pochinki location in the middle of the Erangel map. Make your way there, pop the emote, and you’re done.

Win a Classic match while wearing Lv. 3 Armor – 100 RP

The rarer nature of Lv. 3 Armor lends itself to an almost automatic clear with this mission. If you’re winning a Classic match, you probably looted Lv. 3 armor from a recent kill or found it early enough to survive. If you’re struggling to come across Lv. 3 armor in PUBG Mobile, think about looting air drops. It’s a dangerous endeavor, but they contain this elusive piece of gear more often than not.

Kill 3 enemies with M24 in any mode – 50 RP

The M24 is a bolt-action rifle with some respectable stopping power. With the right scope, the sniping power of this weapon really starts to shine. It’s seen a slightly better version of the common Kar98k sniper rifle due to less overall damage output, but higher muzzle velocity and smoother reloads.

Getting 3 kills with the M24 should be as simple as everyday sniping. If you manage to find one early, a body shot will one-shot anyone without simple armor, with a headshot piercing anything but top-tier Lv. 3 helmets. If you feel more confident with body shots, go for it. If you’re an avid marksman, a headshot will be the quickest way to clearing this mission.

Kill at least 2 enemies from the same squad 1 time in classic mode – 50 RP

This should come naturally in most squad matches. It isn’t particularly common to see squads separate these days, so if you see a lone wolf early in a match, assume it’s some sort of trap or ambush. Stick with your team and think about flanking if the rest of your squad have the opposing team locked in a firefight.

Kill 20 enemies in Sahmee with assault rifles – 50 RP

Sahmee is a largely ignored part of Sanhok. You’ll find it in the bottom section of the map down in the southwest region along the coast. With a large pier located due south, you have multiple ways of getting down there once you’ve acquired your preferred assault rifle.

Sahmee itself a small but densely-packed town. Its buildings are pushed tightly together, making it more popular with SMGs and shotguns. For this mission, you’ll want to creep around buildings and use the narrow, linear streets as a sort of shooting gallery.

Reach Platinum tier of above – 50 RP

There’s nothing specific we can say about this one. Ranking up just takes perseverance and the willingness to improve. If you’ve hit a wall in your matches and can’t see yourself progressing, consider following a popular PUBG Mobile streamer or YouTuber and learn from their example. You might consider watching pros play in something like the ESL Open tournament.

PUBG Mobile week 4 S9 guide

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Week 4 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Earn S rating of above 2 times while in a group with friends in Classic mode – 75 RP

This is usually just a case of surviving long enough in a match for the pros of your performance to outway the cons. Just keep on top of your health, don’t go haywire with your accuracy, and cause a decent amount of damage, and pick up lots of tasty loot.

Kill an enemy 30 meters or more away with a grenade twice – 150 RP

We’ve all been there; standing around, minding our own business when a grenade lands at our feet. The question of how stopping us from moving in time, leaving us to question why. Well, grenades are an effective tool in PUBG Mobile.

If you can throw well, the element of surprise might just secure the kill. You’ll be far better served tossing these into occupied houses before storming in, but if see a target going about their day, consider the grenade. If it doesn’t kill them, it’ll at least disorient them enough for you to land a few shots anyway.

Open 3 air drops – 75 RP

My gut feeling is anyone shelling out for the Elite Royale Pass will be well-accustomed to the risky business of looting air drops. You need to be there first to crack an air drop open, so there’s likely no time to hang back and wait for other greedy players to rush toward it – unless you know you can knock them down before they reach the goods. If you just want to clear the mission, pop a smoke or two – one along your path, and another at the crate itself.

Deal a total of 500 damage to enemies’ heads – 75 RP

Reserved players will clear this one in no time. It’s a sniper’s dream, after all. It should come naturally, but if you’re not sniping targets from a distance, it’s likely going to come from picking players off with a 4x scope on a steady assault rifle. Just take your time, follow your opponent’s movement patterns, and use that information to anticipate their next step. Take aim, fire, win.

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