PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 9 Week 3 Mission Guide

The trenches of Miramar beckon to you.

Early RP mission unlocks mean we’re technically up to PUBG Mobile Season 9 Week 3 already. It’s no wonder it feels like each season is only a month long. As always, we’re here to talk at length about what the Royale Pass Week 3 missions are and to guide you through the best way to clear them.

Royale Pass missions stay active during the whole reason. That means even with Week 3 being available for some, anyone can still complete missions from previous weeks until the end of the season. If you’re missing a few from past weeks and need a hand, we have even more guides for you down below:

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PUBG Mobile Season 9 Week 3 Mission Guide – Royale Pass Missions

Complete 10 Matches with friends – 50 RP

This is clearly a growing trend from the last few weeks. Tencent loves to encourage co-op play, and with a boost to RP if you complete this with another Elite Royale Pass holder, it’s clear who you want to prioritize with your matches.

If you haven’t made a few friends to play with already, we suggest hitting up the official PUBG Mobile Discord group – or simply add players after a winning round in something like Team Deathmatch and get to work.

Kill 10 enemies in Miramar in Classic mode with shotguns – 100 RP

Shotgun kills are unlikely to happen from afar. There’s too much spread. To grab 10 kills with these powerful weapons means getting up close and personal.

To do this more reliably, head to crowded urban areas like San Martin or Los Leones. You’ll find plenty of houses and alleyways to sneak through, upping your chances of getting close enough to your target to take them out. Just keep in mind the low fire rates of most shotguns. You’ll need to aim well to not get caught between shots.

Get a Flare Gun in a match for 5 matches – 50 RP

This is one for the veterans. Flare guns are used to call in superior airdrops, but they only come from regular airdrops. Most players will know looting an airdrop is a very risky move, and you’re not always guaranteed a Flare Gun. Pulling off this feat and getting the elusive Flare Gun five times will take some conviction, and for a measly 50 RP, we’re not sure it’s worth focusing on.

Kill 10 enemies with SKS – 50 RP

It’s not quite an assault rifle, and it’s not quite a sniper rifle, but all in all, the SKS is a beast worth taming. Getting 10 kills with the SKS shouldn’t be too difficult so long as you don’t expect it to cover the same kind of range as a sniper rifle. Given it can take the most amount of attachments than any dedicated sniper rifle in the game, you can really outfit the SKS to suit your needs.

You can find this weapon just about anywhere, so be on the lookout for it. It’s best to treat this as an assault rifle with a 4x scope given its low capacity magazine. Get to around medium-range and take potshots at your target.

Land on top of a building in Ha Tinh – 50 RP

The obligatory landing mission of this week, we’re jetting off to Sanhok to land on Ha Tinh. You’ll find this relatively quiet spot atop the northwestern island of the map. It’s a surprisingly rectangular little town with plenty of large buildings to choose from. Just commit to one and circle the area to ensure you stay on target. Whether you stick around to loot and fight is up to you.

Kill an enemy from 300 meters away once 50 RP

Here’s one for you dedicated snipers out there. Killing a target from 300 meters takes a particular type of weapon.

Grab your favorite sniper rifle and get ready to camp on a hillside or risk your life on the roof of a busy town. Most towns are around 300 meters wide, so you’ll need to KO a target on the complete opposite end of a town to tick this one-off. Maybe try the Sniper Training mode to up your chances.

PUBG Mobile M16A4

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Week 3 Mission Guide – Elite Royale Pass Missions

Kill 20 enemies with M16A4 – 150 RP

The M16A4 is one of PUBG Mobile‘s more common and popular assault rifles. Its single and burst fire allows it to suit a variety of situations, but its lack of compatibility with an 8x scope pushes it out of being a suitable long-range option for most. If you come across this weapon, picking people off from a distance is typically the best option given its lack of a full auto mode.

Kill 5 enemies with headshots – 75 RP

Here’s one that actually meshes well with the M16A4 mission. While you’ll typically have an easier time getting headshots with true sniper rifles, it’s very possible to achieve the same thing with a decent single-fire assault rifle and 4 or 6x scope. Just take your time, read your opponents movements, and anticipate their position before firing off a round.

Kill 3 enemies with a vehicle – 75 RP

This might actually get a tad easier with the upcoming Payload mode, but for now, prepare for a potential slog. There are no vehicles in PUBG Mobile with a manned turret at this time. To clear this mission, you’ll have to hit a target head-on with your car or bike – something that’s far easier said than done due to the obvious engine sound alerting players to your whereabouts.

The best chance you have with this is reversing a vehicle down an alleyway or driving erratically in a more open spot to throw your foe’s aim off before plowing through them.

Get a Smoke Grenade in 20 matches – 75 RP

This may as well just say “Play 20 matches”. The handy Smoke Grenade is a very common and popular item in PUBG Mobile. You can find these things anywhere, and it’s not uncommon to see Top 10 players have three of these on hand to conceal their position or throw targets off their scent. Play and they will come.

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