PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 9 Week 2 Mission Guide

Pochinki doesn't believe in the back to school season!

No, you’re not dreaming or forgetting the days of the week. It’s possible to unlock Season 9 missions a week early if you’re willing to, or already have, broken your F2P in a specific way.

Season 9 has just started, but this handy feature means the truly devoted can get a head-start on Week 2 missions. So here’s your obligatory PUBG Mobile Season 9 week 2 mission guide.

Looking for our week 1 mission guide? It’s over here.

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PUBG Mobile Season 9 Week 2 Mission Guide – Royale Pass Missions

Finish in the top 3 twice with friends in Classic mode – 50 RP

Grab the friends you made during the week 1 missions and get to work. If they’re not around, squad up with your favorites and stick together to up your chances of surviving the round.

Grab plenty of smoke grenades to hide your tracks, be sure to share helpful weapons, and think about using an ally as bait while the rest of you flank encroaching opponents before picking your fallen comrade down. You’ll need that for another mission anyway.

Kill 20 enemies with M416 – 100 RP

Possibly one of the most popular – or at least common – assault rifles in the game, the M416 will show up often, and grab kills often.

Capable of both single and auto firing modes, it’s great for quickly tearing through nearby opponents in auto and picking off targets from a distance with selective firing. Just pair it with a nice scope and you should have no trouble ticking this off.

Travel over 30,000m in a vehicle – 50 RP

Around the world yet again. We’ve touched on this mission in plenty of guides before. It’s possible to tick it off in a single match if you’re able to grab a car early on and do a lap of the entire Erangel island, but it’s one you should probably let happen naturally.

You’ll nearly always hop in a vehicle at some point in a Classic match. Those meters traveled will build up eventually.

Recover a total of 1,500 Health – 50 RP

The longer you go on in a match the more damage you’re likely to take, giving you room to clear at least 200-300 of this per run. Any PUBG Mobile character maxes out at 100 HP, so the only way to recover large amounts is to lose large amounts.

Again, this mission will clear naturally through play, but the better players will typically clear it faster and in less total matches. Just stay healthy.

Get 4x scope in 10 matches in Classic mode – 50 RP

The 4x scope feels like one of the more common sights to come across in PUBG Mobile. You’ll have an easier time finding one by dropping on a high-tier loot location; Somewhere like a major city. But it’s fairly common to come across these on your travels in random houses and on top of barrels and boxes.

Kill 5 enemies with Kar98K – 50 RP

With that 4x scope in tow, grabbing 5 kills with the Kar98K shouldn’t take long. This will be an easy clear on a game mode like Team Deathmatch, but you’ll have to test it to see if it counts.

It’s a powerful weapon and one that doesn’t require players to camp an airdrop to collect, but its slow time between shots and lengthy reload animation make it a difficult weapon to use without stellar accuracy.

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Week 2 Mission Guide – Elite Royale Pass Missions

Pochinki Week 5 PUBG Mobile

Land on top of any building Pochinki 3 times – 75 RP

Pochinki can be easily seen on the southern end of mainland Erangel, just underneath the popular School area – the focus of last week’s rooftop landing mission. Pochinki being a town means its filled to the brim with buildings.

Just slow down as you inch closer with your parachute, and consider spinning to land on the one you want. Just be careful to not slap the side of a building and slip between them. You’ll either fail to stick the landing or leave yourself in a bad position to fight off the waves of enemies dropping in solely for the loot.

Get a Lv. 3 Armor in 10 matches – 150 RP

Only those known to survive into the late stages of a match will get anywhere with this one. Lv. 3 armor – or the Military Vest – is a rare sight on any map.

You stand a good chance of coming across one in an airdrop, but the more reliable way to find one outside of dumb luck is to loot one from another player. In the late stages of a map, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone rocking a Lv. 3 vest, but getting this done 10 times for the mission clear might take some time.

Revive teammates 5 times – 75 RP

Unless you’re the one running to your doom in your squad matches, this shouldn’t take too long to complete. It’s rare for the full squad to avoid hitting the floor in any single match.

There’s too much action going on. But if you all stay close, it’s possible for the rest of the squad to distract the opposition with cover fire long enough for someone to grab a fallen comrade. Consider using smoke grenades to make this a little easier.

Kill a total of 20 enemies with SMGs in Classic mode – 75 RP

If you frequent popular loot spots at all, this should come naturally. Dense urban areas tend to attract players with promises of great loot, and its plentiful buildings invite shotguns and SMGs thanks to their high damage and spread.

You’ll find plenty of SMGs around these parts, and they won’t fail to get you a kill if you don’t panic and take it easy.

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