PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 8 Week 5 Mission Guide

Hit Vikendi one more time!

With week 4 making room for week 5, we’ve officially crossed the half-way point of the latest PUBG Mobile season, and have drifted quickly into the tail end. This week’s missions see the return of the marathon-style group driving challenge, the season-specific emote mission, and plenty of reasons to check out Vikendi one more time. This is your PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 5 challenge guide.

New to the PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royale Pass? Check out all the good stuff here. If you’ve just missed a few weeks, get caught up with our other guides below!

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 5 Mission Guide – Silver Missions

Pochinki Week 5 PUBG Mobile

Land on top of any building in Pochinki 3 times

Moving back to Erangel, this is your standard land and get shot job. Pochinki is a large town found in the centre of Erangel surrounded by hills and fields. The town is split through the middle by a road, with another one round on the northern exit. If you’re looking to make a quick escape after landing, you’ll have to fight other players for one of the few cars you’ll find on its streets.

Eliminate 10 players with the G36C

The G36C is a weapon exclusive to Vikendi. Luckily, it falls under Common rarity there, making this mission fairly quick to get out. The G36C isn’t the most powerful assault rifle in the game, but it barely drops damage between 10-100m out. But while you should expect to land 5-6 body shots to drop your target, recoil and overall capacity shouldn’t be too concerning.

Finish in the Top 3 2 times in Vikendi in Classic mode

Vikendi is quite a bit easier to get around than th erest of the maps due to its circular shape and lack of seperate islands. We’ve detailed popular loot spots here, but for a quick reference, drop to Volnova if you just want the best loot to see you through the match. Otherwise, stay around the edges, and look into grabbing a boat and taking it down the central river once the herd thins out.

Carry your teammates for a total of 10,000m while driving a vehicle

This one will obviously come naturally through play, but anyone looking to quickly cross it off the list should look into finding like-minded players to team up with. Go that route and you’ll be able to just grab a car and ride around the outer edges of any map for a quick clear. Or grab a boat while in Vikendi and just enjoy the ride around the coast.

Use the “Flip” emote in the school area (RP rank reward)

You’ll need to have procured enough RP throughout previous weeks to unlock this exclusive emote. Once you have, it’s a simple of matter of dropping back into the Erangel School area from last week and showing off your skills.

Kill 20 enemies in Pochinki with M416 or SCAR-L

The M416, which actually inspired the G36C at the top of this week’s missions, is a fan favorite not only due to its low recoil, but because of the sheer amount of attachments it allows for at any one time.

It should come as no surprise to hear its damage potential is almost identical to the G36C, so if you manage that mission, you can manage this. The SCAR-L, on the other hand, lags behind slightly on fire rate but benefits from lower overall recoil.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 5 Mission Guide – Gold Missions

PUBG Mobile week 5 S8 guide

Earn S rating of above 3 times while in a group with friends in classic mode

This is usually just a case of making it into the Top 10 rather than focusing on any particular skill. Just play as a team and do your best and you should crack this one without much thought. If you need help practicing teamplay, try the Darkest Night of Quick Match modes.

Kill 3 enemies with AWM in any mode

The AWM sniper rifle is the strongest weapon in PUBG Mobile right now. There’s a reason you’ll only find it in air drops. Grabbing it is the hard part, but after that, it’s incredible stopping power lends itself to quick kills (between its lengthy reloads, at least). It doesn’t care about helmets and barely listens to extreme distances. Just take your time and get the kill.

Recover a total of 1,500 Health

One of the first pro tips you learn in PUBG Mobile is to always be on full HP. It makes a huge difference. Like other missions, this will come naturally, but making sure to heal up between every fight will make it tick off that much sooner.

Open 5 air drops

One of the real pros here. Air drops contain the best loot in the game. And because you can see them coming from a literal mile away, plenty of people will flock to their location, making it hard for any one player to loot the cache. Either get there fast and bail, or pick off eager looters from afar before claiming it for yourself.

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