PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 8 Week 2 Mission Guide

Bring out the riot guns!

PUBG Mobile Season 8 week 2 missions are now live, and they’re about as challenging as you would expect. There’s more killing, more emoting, and more landing on top of buildings in popular warzones.

Royale Pass owners shouldn’t have much trouble knocking these out of the park, but Elite Royale Pass players will need to make some friends and squad up to reap the rewards. Still need to tick off missions from last week? We got you covered. For Season 8 week 2 royale pass missions, read on.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 2 Mission Guide – Silver Missions

Kill 20 enemies with AKM – 50 RP

Billed as “one of the most recognizable firearms in the world”, you’d better believe most people know how to use this thing.

The AKM can pull off both single and full auto firing mode. With fantastic damage output, it’s a great good for medium-range targets. But where it excels is close range due to its high recoil. It’s classed as a “uncommon” weapon. Once you find this thing, get it on hand during around areas with lots of buildings.

Land on top of a building in San Martin – 50 RP

Found in the west of Miramar, San Martin is considered a “major city” on the map, making it a popular landing spot already. That means like most rooftop landing missions, this one is designed to drop you straight into the action. You’re not exactly going to get shot out of the sky, so just land yourself on a building and get ready to sink or swim.

Kill 3 enemies with a pistol – 50 RP

This is one I suggest you get done in Quick Match. The reason? For a more level playing field. With pistols being close-range weapons, it’s difficult to get a kill without being blown away by an SMG or shotgun instead. You never know what your opponent is packing even in the early game.

But on Quick Play, there’s a chance the map is 80% pistols, leveling the playing field and making things far less based on “spray and pray” tactics.

Reach Gold Tier or above – 50 RP

With a measly RP reward, this isn’t something to fret over if you’re not quick at that skill level just yet. This one will come with time and practice.

Kill 20 enemies in Pochinki with assault rifles – 100 RP

Pochinki is one of the most popular spots in the entire game. A true deathmatch town. While assault rifles do have a medium spawn rate here, they’re outdone by High chances of SMGs, shotguns, and pistols – the kings of close-range urban warfare. It’s generally suggested you come into this place with an assault rifle ready. Get to a wide-open place, or grab a scope and look to pick people off from a vantage point. Run and gun tactics in houses probably won’t get you far, but you can take a house and pick off people attempting to enter the town.

Use the “Thanks” or “Greet” emote in Los Leones – 50 RP

Los Leones is based on a real-life canyon in Los Angeles. Being the largest city on the Miramar map, it’s a pretty easy place to emote in and get out of. Just be careful of standing out in the open for too long. This particular place is rife with vantage points for players to camp out on.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 2 Mission Guide – Gold Missions

Land on top of a building in Ha Tihn – 75 RP

Up in the northwest portion of the Sanhok map, landing on a building in Ha Tihn shouldn’t be too difficult – assuming the plane isn’t far off to the east.

It’s really close to the coast, too, so you can either grab one of its few cars to make your escape or run a little further and hop on a boat to your next location.

Get a Lv. 3 Armor in 10 matches – 150 RP

This means body armor. A vest. Not a helmet. Being the highest grade of armor in the game, this isn’t something you’ll typically come across by landing on the outskirts. It’s something you work up to throughout the match – unless you’re willing to drop straight into a major city where high-tier loot is more readily available. If not, you’re probably more likely to loot from an injured player you happened to come across in the mid-game.

Complete 10 matches with friends – 75 RP

This one is about as self-explanatory as PUBG Mobile missions get. If you don’t already have a bunch of friends ready to play with, just typing in PUBG Mobile Discord into Google will get you straight into the biggest community out there with plenty of people ready to do the same mission.

The PUBG Mobile as something like 300,000 people on it. You’ll find someone.

Kill at least 2 enemies from the same Squad 1 time in Classic mode – 75 RP

This shouldn’t be too hard at all. Squads typically stick together, so as long as you’re with yours, you’ll come across other squads you can take on. Just plot out whether you’re going aggressive or covert with your team beforehand for the best chance.

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