PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 8 Guide – Rewards and Release Date

New and old outfits for all!

As expected, PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 8 kicked off today. You probably woke up to the announcement notification on your device. If not, know that today’s the day you can officially start working your way toward the new and old Royale Pass 8 rewards. If you happen to be away from your device of choice, we’re cataloging the good stuff for you down below.

Royale Pass 8 has been teased and leaked in numerous ways over the last couple of weeks. And most of those leaks were true. We’re indeed looking at a nautical/ocean themed couple of months with anchors, shipwrecks, and obviously ocean-inspired outfits and emotes.

If you’re pretty new to the game, you might want to check out our recent PUBG Mobile Controls guide to better find your footing. You’ll need to get pretty good to clear some of these missions.

Season 8 is set to end on September 11, 2019, so we’re looking at exactly eight weeks of new missions worth and rewards. More illustrious rewards are scattered in 5-10 level increments, with the rest being padded out with things like Coupon Scraps, BP, and, for Elite Pass holders, chests stuffed with long-since retired outfits from seasons 2 and 3.

Like previous Royale Pass seasons, both free and paying players have something to work towards. Free players can fight to level 60 for a fresh new outfit, whereas those who pick up the 600 UC Royale Pass can battle all the way to level 100 to grab even more new stuff.

For those unable to fire up the game and take a look for themselves can keep scrolling for a quick catalog of what you can expect to unlock over the new eight weeks. Like throughout Season 7, we’ll have detailed guides of each set of weekly missions available every Friday to get you powering through them and unlocking the new outfits and emotes with ease.

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 8 Rewards

As is the norm with the free PUBG Mobile Royale Pass, those unwilling to fork out a few hundred UC will get a much more limited version of the pass. This means fewer levels to grind for, fewer missions to manage it, and, subsequently, fewer rewards in the end. There’s a keyword in there.

Things start off tame with a barely noticeable Wild Gunman Scarf (Red) at level 10. Manage to climb over that hurdle and you’ll hit the good stuff – the Tropical Shirt at level 20, and the matching Tropical Beach Shorts at level 30. There’s then the Flip emote at 40; expect this to be a necessary reward for a mission reward in the coming weeks. Level 50 dishes out the Parachute (M16A4 White) variant and the whole Season 8 Royale Pass closes out at Level 60 with the Winning Chicken S686 variant.

PUBG Mobile Elite Royale Pass 8 Rewards

Whether you buy into Elite Upgrade Plus or just settle for the regular Elite Upgrade, you’ll be working toward the same set of rewards. You’ll begin things with the Squad Leader outfit and Scarlet Horror – SCAR-L variant and add the matching hat at level 5. Easy enough, right?

Then there’s the rather bland and basic Triumphant Victory MVP screen at level 10, the absolutely wild Spawn Island Line Dance at 15, and a cool looking Deep Sea UAZ vehicle skin at 20. Level 25 dishes out the bulky Bloody Tide Helmet, level 30 has the more flattering Shells on the Shore set, 35 is the Scarlet Horror Parachute, 40 is another Deep Sea vehicle skin (this time the plane).

You won’t see another Season 8 outfit until level 60, where you’ll have the Delta Squad Set to equip for those more serious matches. 65 has the “Dodge” emote just in time for the 20th anniversary of The Matrix, 70 has the Squid Squad Backpack I wish I had in my school days, Finding Nemo fans can channel their love of Clownfish into the Clownfish Suit set, and you’ll cap out the Season 8 Royale Pass with the potentially Marvel-inspired Bronze Armor and matching helmet.

And that’s your lot! Come back Friday for the first of many new Royale Pass 8 mission guides.

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