PUBG Mobile Ranked Arena Season 2 Guide: All Rewards & End Date

It's baaack. It's up to you if that's good or not.

What we once thought was impossible is now totally true; PUBG Mobile Ranked Arena is back! For a while, people argued that Arena modes like TDM and Domination go against the very core of the game itself. After all, PUBG launched as a fresh, unique take on the shooter genre with its 100-player open-world battle royale formula. It ultimately paved the one for one of gaming’s biggest cultural impacts.

But just like those who think the game should be a hardcore military simulator, despite being based on a movie about Japanese schoolchildren, we say whatever. The frantic action of Arena mode is a welcome change of pace for those used to getting destroyed two minutes into a match that took five to fire up. For the bloodthirsty players in a rush, it means getting their fix without committing to a 20-30 minute Battle Royale match. So if you’re ready to swap your sneaking for some true rapid fire combat, PUBG Mobile Ranked Arena Season 2 is here for you.

ranked arena season 2

Ranked Arena Season 2 Dates

Ranked Arena came without much warning last time, leading to many having too little time to climb the ranks or missing in entirely. This time, Ranked Arena is ready to make a splash.

Season 2 kicks of on August 25 and lasts up to September 8. That’s two weeks to cram in back-to-back matches around the game’s four current Arena modes. The time frame means Season 2 will end as to the big 1.0 update rolls out, but will stick around long enough for the Season 14 Week 8 Aid mission to apply to everyone, making a fairly time consuming mission seem far more enticing than it otherwise would be.

Ranked Arena season 2 rewards

Ranked Season Two Rewards

Here’s where you can tell Arena isn’t PUBG Mobile‘s bread and butter. The rewards this time are virtually nonexistent. Still, when you’re battling for a place on a leaderboard, all you’re really looking for is recognition. Here’s what the Season 2 rewards look like:

Tier Rewards

  • Reach Gold tier = Classic Crate Coupon
  • Reach Diamond tier = “Infatuated” sticker
  • Reach Top 1,000 or better at the end of the season = Arena Master title

Weekly rewards

You’re likely to get better rewards by winning three ranked Arena matches each day to unlock three chests each week of the event. Completing each of the three missions nets you 50 points per day, winning three matches four days a week for two weeks will get you the whole lot.

  • 50 points = One chest
  • 100 points = One chest
  • 200 points = One chest (100 percent chance of Hand of Duat headgear and set (for five days))

Ranked Arena Season 2 map list

How to rank up in Arena

Running the new Ranked Arena doesn’t mean just tabbing into Arena as you normally would and queuing as usual. That’ll just place you in the typical Unranked queue. Instead, you should see the Ranked Arena tab just below the PlayLab tab. Tap into there and you’ll enter the current Ranked season.

Ranks are concurrent across each of the three eligible Arena modes, but that doesn’t mean you can just choose which mode you’re mos comfortable with. To keep things competitive (it is ranked, after all) you’ll be tossed into a join queue of all three modes at the same time.

It’s random which one you’re thrown into, so if you’re not comfortable in your skills across TDM, Assualt, and Domination, you might want to spend some time reading our guides below on each or practicing in the standard Arena queue.

Ranked Arena Maps

For the initiated, Arena consists of three different maps across two different modes. TDM and Assault are the same; they just take place on different maps. Whereas Domination is an objective-based mode centered on controlling a specific part of the map.

The recent Gun Game mode is excluded from this season, so you won’t be playing the new Library map in ranked just yet, despite the redemption screen prominently featuring it as a hook for the season.

Team Deathmatch

This simple 4v4 matchup takes place on the small Warehouse map. The mission is simple: be the first team to secure 40 kills.

Respawns and fast and limitless, health regenerates automatically, but aside from the LMG in the center, you’re stuck with the weapons you come in with or whatever you choose to loot from those left behind. Equipment like helmets can be found along the flanks, but you’ll have to climb into dangerous territory to grab them.

Check out our original TDM guide for more helpful tips and map analysis.


Using the same ruleset at Team Deathmatch, Assault is the same game mode played on a different map. Ruins is a larger map with long corridors and hallways, whereas TDM’s Warehouse map is a symmetrical, boxy location with less elevation.

Check out our Assault guide for more helpful tips and map analysis.


Taking place on the Town map once more, Domination is akin to a King of the Hill mode seen in other shooters. One of three sections of the map light up at a time and must be occupied by a member of the team long enough to capture it. The first team to capture three points wins.

Check out our Domination guide for more helpful tips and map analysis.

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