PUBG Mobile Ranked Arena: Rewards, End Date, and How to Climb

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PUBG Mobile‘s controversial Arena mode has made it. With three different maps and two playstyles under its belt that don’t rotate out like EvoGround modes, it’s stayed stable enough to warrant it’s own ranked matchmaking and leaderboards. But there’s a catch. Whether or not it’s just a test for a more permanent fixture, Ranked Arena is time-limited, and you only have a few more days to catch it.

Ranked Arena has been running since April 21, but it’s set to go the way of the dodo on May 5. There’s still time to climb the ranks and get some meaningful loot out of what is always a welcome change from the tense, stealthy combat of Classic, but you’ll have to be quick.

PUBG Mobile Ranked Arena rewards

PUBG Mobile Ranked TDM Rewards

So what’s the point of Ranked Arena? While leaderboards and leagues can be enough reason for most people to get involved in Ranked Arena, you’ll find some worthwhile rewards tucked away here, too.

Like other ranked modes, you gain additional rewards as you climb through the leagues or divisions, but you can get some time-limited outfits and crate coupons by ticking off a few simple tasks. Tap the present icon in the bottom right of the main screen, hit the Recommended tab and you’ll find the Battle Intensifies box.

Each day, you can earn a maximum of 50 points. Winning three matches should be enough to tick off the other two missions, so if you’re a good TDM shot, you shouldn’t be looking at more than 20-30 minutes of Arena matches for four days to get the Dark Ops Agent outfit while earning yourself some coupons, protection cards, and boosted weapon mastery in the process.

But what about actually climbing the ranks? All the way from Bronze rank, you’ll have to win enough matches to earn the points needed to push through 5 divisions of each league. The first proper reward, a Classic Crate Coupon, is dished out when you reach Gold, with a scary piece of headgear unlocked at Diamond. Land in the top 1,000 in your server at the end of the event and you’ll earn the Arena Master badge — something that should strike fear into those who find you on the opposite team in future matches.

How to rank up in Arena

Going the usual route into your favorite Arena matches won’t get you very far during this ranked season. Rather than queue for your best map on the Arena tab, you have to specifically select “Ranked Arena” two slots below your usual tab on the left side of the mode select screen.

The reason for this is pretty simple — you don’t have a choice which Arena match you’re thrust into for this ranked season. You don’t have a separate rank for each map/mode. Instead, you have to get good at them all. You’ll need to learn the intricacies of the maps, and come in with a loadout that suits your playstyle.

PUBG Mobile ranked arena options

Ranked Arena Maps

For the initiated, Arena consists of three different maps across two different modes. TDM and Assault are the same; they just take place on different maps.

Team Deathmatch

This simple 4v4 matchup takes place on the small Warehouse map. The mission is simple: be the first team to secure 40 kills.

Respawns and fast and limitless, health regenerates automatically, but aside from the LMG in the center, you’re stuck with the weapons you come in with or whatever you choose to loot from those left behind. Equipment like helmets can be found along the flanks, but you’ll have to climb into dangerous territory to grab them.

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Using the same ruleset at Team Deathmatch, Assault is more of the same: only taking place on either the Town or Ruins map. Ruins is a larger map with long corridors and hallways, whereas Town is a circular map with more distinct battle zones in the middle.

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Taking place on the Town map once more, Domination is a King of the Hill mode. One of three sections of the map light up at a time and must be occupied by a member of the team long enough to capture it. The first team to capture three points wins.

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