PUBG Mobile Ramadan Event Rewards – Full Log-In Reward List

A region-locked event? You know what that means!

Ramadan log-in rewards have appeared in PUBG Mobile, and the event appropriately lasts the entire span of the holiday. That means players can look forward to 30 days of in-game goodies. But getting the PUBG Mobile Ramadan event rewards isn’t always just a case of logging in. In fact, a good portion of players will need to jump through some hoops to get the reward screen to appear at all. It’s another case of the region-locked event.

Throughout the event, eligible players can rack up rewards ranging from Classic Coupon Scraps and modest BP injections, all the way to temporary and permanent cosmetic items. Most of the outfits, like the Bloody Fangs Suit and Kitten Cover, will only last three days when activated, whereas the Skeleton Hand Executioner Suit featured on the last day of the month is yours to keep forever. Take a look at the full rewards in the image down below, or scroll on for the list.

PUBG Mobile Ramadan event rewards

These don’t seem to be cumulative rewards, either. That means you aren’t expected to log in every day to claim a specific reward. If you happen to be on a break from the game but still want to look your best when you come back, just log in on May 31 for that permanent Skeleton Hand Executioner Suit and call it a day.

To celebrate the end of Ramadan on June 4, the Crescent Moon Avatar Frame can be obtained as the second (and final) permanent cosmetic reward of the lot. If you managed to collect and save the other time-limited item rewards, you’re then free to toss them all on and live the next three days with a mismatched outfit and a Rugged (Orange) UMP9 while you soak up the 2x EXP Card bonus dished out on May 28.

PUBG Mobile Ramadan Log-in Rewards

05/05 – Classic Coupon Scraps
05/06 – 500 BP
05/07 – Silver Fragment x5
05/08 – Top Hat (Black) (3d)
05/09 – Classic Coupon Scraps
05/10 – Bloody Fangs Suit (3d)
05/11 – 500 BP
05/12 – Silver Fragment x5
05/13 – 500 BP
05/14 – 1.5x EXP Card: 1-Day
05/15 – Swordsman Mask (3d)
05/16 – Classic Coupon Scraps
05/17 – Falcon Parachute (3d)
05/18 – Silver Fragment x5
05/19 – 500 BP
05/20 – Classic Coupon Scraps
05/21 – Silver Fragments x5
05/22 – Rugged (Orange) – UMP9 (3d)
05/23 – Royale Pass Mission Card
05/24 – Winning Chicken – Pan (3d)
05/25 – 1.5x BP Card: 1-Day
05/26 – Premium Crate Coupon Scrap
05/27 – Royale Pass Mission Card
05/28 – 2x EXP Card: 1-Day
05/29 – Kitten Cover (3d)
05/30 – Silver Fragment x5
05/31 – Skeleton Hand Executioner Suit (Permanent)
06/01 – 500 BP
06/02 – Classic Coupon Scraps
06/03 – 500 BP
06/04 – Crescent Moon Avatar Frame (Permanent)

But not everyone will be able to obtain even one of these rewards. As the PUBG Reddit community was quick to point out, the event doesn’t seem to be a worldwide offering right now. Players in India and other countries where Ramadan is a near nation-wide event should find the log-in banner in the Events tab.

Meanwhile, those in the Americas or scattered around Europe, the page is a no-show. It’s hardly fair any way you look at it, but it’s something a VPN can quickly fix. We don’t encourage it, and we won’t detail how to do it, but it’s an option to consider if you want the Skeleton Hand Executioner Suit for free. You only need to log in for the featured reward here, but some other rewards require you play a round or two. Expect a little more ping if you’re fooling those internet pipes.

If you’d rather kit out your character like some kind of monstrosity, the current “Infected” Lucky Draw event might be more “you.”

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  1. Hi. i am from Pakistan and i can see the Bonus reward challenge icon but when i click on it, it keep loading for ever. any idea what to do? thanks

  2. I changed my flag from Saudi Arabia to jordan, the event tab disappeared even though Jordan is Arabic muslim country

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure why Tencent is so fixated on locking a religious holiday behind location data. It’s incredibly close-minded and offensive.

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