How to Get and Upgrade the PUBG Mobile Poseidon X-Suit Skin

It's time to join the Poseidon Posse.

The Poseiden X-Suit skin is one of the most lucrative in PUBG Mobile right now. Conveniently, that also means its one of the most expensive. It isn’t as time-gated as most premium skins out there, but it will take a considerable time investment to obtain. If you’re in the market for the game’s premier status symbol, we’ll show you how to unlock it. And if you’re just curious as to how much people are clearly willing to spend on in-game cosmetics — as explored in my embarrassing public mission to get the B-Duck set — just keep reading.

What is the Poseidon X-Suit Skin?

The Poseidon X-Suit skin is the latest evolving PUBG Mobile outfit. Following in the footsteps of the Blood Raven X-Suit and Golden Pharaoh X-Suit, it changes as you level it up, becoming more detailed or completely different in appearance the more you work on it.

Like a Dragon Ball Z villain, the latest X-Suit goes through multiple transformations: the Basic form, Advanced form, and the meme-inspired Final form. There are some fodder rewards between those meaningful upgrades, but it all leads to the same final skin.

How to select the Poseidon X-Suit skin in PUBG Mobile.

How to Get the PUBG Mobile Poseidon X-Suit Skin

Just getting the main skin is a massive pain and takes some serious luck. You’ll find five total skins in the banner, but only one is the upgradable Poseidon X-Suit skin you presumably want. That being said, if you don’t want to splurge on upgrades but want a similar skin, just pull for one of the other four (Ironguard, Herald, Lumos Daemon, and Lunar Witch) instead. The option is there.

If your heart is set on the proper PUBG Mobile Poseidon X-Suit, just follow these steps to ensure you’re not pulling on the wrong banner.

  • Look for the Return of Poseidon banner in the top carousel on the main lobby menu
  • Spend Silver or UC to draw five times
  • Tap the pen and paper icon above the pull button and select the first skin. This locks you into the Poseidon X-Suit banner.
  • Follow the same steps until you pull the Poseidon X-Suit (1 Star) skin.

Once you have the Poseidon X-Suit (1 Star) skin, it’s time to upgrade it. Unless you have some serious cash to throw around, get ready for a long and expensive road ahead. You’ve come this far, and you don’t have long to finish it off. Leave it too late and you’ll potentially end up with nothing but an unfinished skin that screams “I bankrupted myself.”

The three stages of the Poseidon X-Suit skin in PUBG Mobile.

How to Upgrade the Poseidon X-Suit Skin

This is the tricky part. Open up the Star Forge menu from the banner screen to see what you’re working with. You need to use Starforge Stones and Star Fragments to upgrade the suit, alternating between suit upgrades and other goodies like an exclusive teammate interaction, victory broadcast, and an entry emote.

The amount of each material you need increases with each stage. Expect a serious grind to gain enough of these to unlock the Poseidon X-Suit (6 Star) Final Form skin.

How to Get More Starforge Stones and Star Fragments

The two main currencies used to upgrade the Posieden X-Suit aren’t too difficult to get. You just need a lot of them. Starforge Stones and Star Fragments are obtained by pulling in the Poseidon X-Suit banner. You should actually have a bunch just from pulling for the skin itself.

The Poseidon banner itself actually awards more than the other skins in the banner, so expect a healthy burst when you get enough luck to pull in a specific banner. After that, use any extra Poseidon Coins gained in pulls for even more Star Fragments and Starforge Stones. You’ll need to spend 10 of these for a Fragment and 80 for a Stone. Like the rest, it’s not cheap, but it’s better than nothing.

When Does the Return of Poseidon X-Suit Event End?

If you’re thinking about going on this journey, it helps to know when it’s time to finish it. Just like the Poseidon statue giveaway, you only have until September 30 to score the most complex and expensive PUBG Mobile skin yet. Fail to reach the Final Form before that and you’ll be stuck with the incomplete skin until the event rolls around again.

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