PUBG Mobile Payload Mode Guide – Map, Weapons, & How to Use Air Strikes

The only thing we don't know is what the payload actually is!

Payload mode has officially arrived in PUBG Mobile, and there’s a lot to take in. The newest EvoGround gameplay mode has traded places with Infection mode, suggesting there’s a chance another may take its place in a relatively short amount of time.

If you’re looking for a different take on the Classic PUBG Mobile experience, check out Payload mode before it has a chance to disappear. We’ve grouped together some wise words to get you started.

PUBG Mobile Payload Mode – What Is It?

PUBG Mobile’s new Payload mode is a tweaked take on the core Battle Royale formula offering “3D combat.” What that means is you’re able to take your battles into the skies with the new helicopter vehicle.

It’s no longer or shorter than your standard Classic match and takes place on a mostly unaltered Erangel. As ever, 100 players drop in, and it’s up to your squad to be the last group standing.

And it’s not just the helicopter that’s unique to Payload mode, either. The new BRDM 2 all-terrain vehicle makes its debut; as do plenty of new and explosive weapons you’ll need to deal these new vehicular threats.

Payload mode is locked to 4-man squads on a single map. There isn’t room for much variety or change of scenery. But another new feature unique to Payload is the ability to revive killed teammates. More on that later.

PUBG Mobile Payload helicopter locations

Payload Mode Guns & Vehicles

Dropping into Payload mode means the chance to mess around with a few new toys. New vehicles include the Helicopter for airiel combat, and the BRDM2 for land and sea-based traversal. To deal with these new rides, the following weapons are scattered throughout the map:

  • M2E1-A Missile Launcher
  • RPG-7,
  • Sawed-Off Grenade Launcher
  • M79 Grenade Launcher
  • MGL Grenade Launcher
  • Desert Eagle

Most of these weapons are common sights across the map, so it’s recommended to have at least a couple of your squad members carry one of these around. Grenade launchers are particularly great at destroying the BRDM-2 and grounded Helicopters, whereas the M3E1-A Missile Launcher and RPG-7 are best reserved for swatting airborne Helicopters, either killing the passengers in the process or at least forcing them onto the ground for a fair fight.

Grenade Launcher ammo is typically in abundance, so if you can master the way each shot travels, it can make for a very effective weapon against targets on their feet, too. Rockets are quite a bit more rare, and landing anything other than a heat-seeking missile on a helicopter can be tricky.

Payload Mode Map – PUBG Mobile

There isn’t much to note of the Payload map. It’s just Erangel again. That being said, whether you know your way around it or not, you’ll want to open it up to check for exclusive weapon crate drops from time to time for what are known as Super Weapon Crates.

PUBG Mobile Payload air drop locations

Super Air Drop Locations

The “Super Air Drop” is another new feature unique to Payload mode. Over the course of the match, the map will be littered with Air Drop markers. All players will see a notification on-screen alerting them to a spawn and its location. With the position easily marked on the screen, expect a busy turnout, as well as some of the best loot possible.

How to Respawn Players in PUBG Mobile Payload Mode

Clearly borrowed from a few other Battle Royale titles, Payload mode gives players a second chance at life. Any remaining squad members will have a couple of minutes to pick up a fallen comrade’s tag, which they can then take to a Communication Tower displayed both on the map and the on-screen HUD to call the defeated player back into the fray. You can also find Communication Towers by looking out for large pillars of light shooting into the air.

Obviously leaving the match before another player revives you will render this impossible, so be sure to give your team a fighting chance by staying in the game for a few minutes should you die. There’s a reason you still communicate with your team in spectator mode, after all.

How to Use the Air Strike in PUBG Mobile Payload Mode

One final new addition to Payload mode comes in the form of player-controlled airstrikes. A clearly powerful addition to any individual’s arsenal. A fair few players didn’t know how to use the airstrike in PUBG Mobile on Day one, as it’s not very clear on the user interface.

Once you find and acquire an Air Strike beacon, you’ll actually find it in your grenade menu. Tap through and equip the Air Strike beacon first, then “use” it. Don’t worry! You won’t just drop a strike on yourself this way. Instead, you’ll choose your target location through binoculars. Aim the red arrow at your target destination, hit the fire/missile button, and your air strike will begin to raid hell on the spot in around 10-12 seconds.

PUBG Mobile Payload tips

Quick PUBG Mobile Payload Tips

If you’re just jumping into Payload mode, we’ve got a couple choice tips to get you on the right path.

First, zero in on a helicopter. Land next to one, preferably. They’re not as rare as you think, with some locations actually having 2-3 helicopters on hand. You can get in one straight away and attempt to jet off to find Super Air Drops and stock up on gear, but with choppers being some a commodity, you’ll probably want to deal with the inevitable opposition before taking flight.

Rocket and grenade launchers are surprisingly common, so the chances of your entire team being wiped out by a chopper explosion early on is rare. Hence why it’s best to make sure there’s nobody left in the area before taking flight.

One you’ve dealt with the opposition and secured your helicopter, either destroy any others in the area or split them between squad members. Aim to have at least one other person in the chopper with a grenade or rocket launcher on hand to deal with any other choppers you find in the sky.

You want to focus on tracking down Super Air Drops by scanning the map from the sky. Stay as high as possible and keep moving to avoid becoming an easy target for explosives. Gear up with these supply drops like you would a Classic match, land the chopper in a safe location, and go about the rest of the match on foot and/or in land-based vehicles. Grenade launchers are particularly good at taking out multiple squad members, so try to avoid grouping up too much.

To avoid getting yourself and a downed teammate killed with a grenade launcher blast, it’s usually worth dealing with the target first. You can always grab a killed teammate’s tag after the fight and bring them back to life.

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