PUBG Mobile Extreme Hunt Mode: How to Play Patch 1.2 Early

Need that Dragon's Breath grenade now? Here's how.

PUBG Mobile Patch 1.2 testing is ongoing: and you’re invited…to apply. It’s more of a Closed Alpha test right now, meaning you can’t simply download the beta client the usual way and get a sneak peek at what’s to come. If you do happen to get in, though, you’ll get to play as much of the new Extreme Hunt Mode as you want. Just tell the devs what’s broken, yeah? Here’s how to apply for the test, and what exactly this new mode is all about.

How to Download and Test PUBG Mobile Patch 1.2

If you absolutely must get early access to patch 1.2 early, there is a way. Assuming you’re located in Southeast Asia or North America, where the test servers are held, all you need to do is fill out this form from GameEXP. It’s merely an application. Not a guaranteed right to entry. Toss your PUBG Mobile experience (level, rank, etc.) in and, if chosen, next steps should be emailed to you in the near future. Unlike some other tests, this applies to both Android and iOS users.

PUBG Mobile Patch 1.2 test

What is Extreme Hunt Mode?

Extreme Hunt Mode takes place on both Erangel and Livik, which is an interesting combination already. On these two maps now exists the knowledge to craft a “Powered Exoskeleton.” As an augmented armor type, you can craft the chest, arms, and legs separately to gain bonuses like incoming damage reduction, higher melee damage, and a new Sprint ability. Equipped the whole set and you’ll even gain access to the Dragon’s Breath Grenade. Sounds hot.

Gaining access to a Powered Exoskeleton is a game mechanic in and of itself. You’ll need to track down not only the Nano Crystals required to craft each piece, but the Exoskeleton Blueprint as well. You can’t make the thing without instructions, after all. Once you have the materials and knowledge, lug them over to a Matrix Base to piece them together.

To give everyone a decent shot at creating the cool new equipment, Extreme Hunt Mode allows each player to respawn a maximum of two times with basic equipment. In team matches, respawns can only be triggered from a Research Station.

Something that’s less clear about the mode right now is the “Matrix Event” mechanic. Three different Matrix Events exist, each modifing the match in some way, but while we have vague descriptors for each, exactly how they work, when they kick in, or for how long isn’t clear just yet. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Matrix Event 1: Improved regional supply output
  • Matrix Event 2: Significantly increases Matrix Airdrop
  • Matrix Event 3: Life Detectors become active in Research Stations, revealing surrounding players when used.

That last one is self-explanatory, but what regional supply output relates to or even the contents of Matrix Airdrops is far less clear by comparison. If Matrix Airdrops don’t contain Nano Crystals for Exoskeleton crafting, assume they’re tied to “regional supply output.” How Matrix Airdrops differ to regular Airdrops in that situation, though, is just as unclear.

If you manage to get chosen for the test, do let us know what else you find in there. And feel free to shed some extra light on the Matrix Event mechanics as well.

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