PUBG Mobile OTS Mode: What Is It and How to Enable It

One of the more surprising features of the new PUBG Mobile 1.4 update is the addition of OTS (over the shoulder) mode. Its inclusion wasn’t touted as a major part of the patch during the numerous April beta tests, leading it to fly under the radar until release day. Now that it’s here without much fanfare, what is it and how it works isn’t immediately clear. Here’s what OTS mode is, how to enable it, why you might want to use it, and some common issues that have arisen during the rollout.

PUBG Mobile OTS Mode

What is OTS Mode in PUBG Mobile?

OTS stands for “over the shoulder.” It’s a new gameplay option that parks the camera right behind your character, giving you an “over the shoulder” view of the action. ence the name. It’s a view mode older gamers will know from titles like Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War, whereas Battle Royale veterans will note it’s similar to the style used in Fortnite.

Unlike Fortnite, though, OTS mode in PUBG Mobile doesn’t allow you to punch in closer you aim down sights. Instead, you pinch into this mode from the regular TPP view, increasing your hip fire aim without committing to the tighter field of view of aiming down your gun’s sights. You won’t be able to dodge and strafe quite so easily when aiming this way, but you should have tighter control of your aim without sacrificing much in the way of visibility.

How to Enable OTS Mode

Now here’s where things get needlessly complicated. Although the new feature is called OTS Mode across the game’s social media marketing, it’s rarely referred to by this name in-game, making enabling it really quite tricky. The in-game patch notes even say that for the OTS button to show up, you need to go into Settings > General Settings and enable it from there. The problem is, the settings tabs don’t have these names, nor will you see mention of OTS mode anywhere in the settings tabs that do exist. Here’s how to enable it.

To enable OTS mode in PUBG Mobile, you need to hit the Settings icon (mid-match or in the lobby). From there, tap into the Basic tab, then scroll down where it says Aim Features and turn it on. Despite it not mentioning OTS mode by name, without this enabled, you won’t see the button in-game.

Common OTS Button Problems

No new feature ever launches without problems — especially when they aren’t tested properly during the beta phase. OTS mode is no different, and you’re bound to run into a few issues when using it. Below are two major problems players are having with OTS mode and how to fix them.

Why can’t I move with OTS enabled?

Right now, there are many reports of OTS mode playing havoc with the in-game controls of those on iOS devices. If you can’t seem to move while over the shoulder is enabled, you may be stuck waiting for a hotfix. Until then, toggle the mode off and disable it from the settings again to ensure you don’t end up immobilizing yourself in the middle of a fight.

Why can’t I see the OTS Button?

One common problem with the OTS button in PUBG Mobile is that it isn’t always visible even with the Aim Features toggle switched on. This could be for a few reasons: You haven’t moved the button to a visible spot on the screen through the Controls windows, you haven’t actually enabled it with the Aim Features method above, or you don’t have a weapon equipped.

The OTS button is only visible when you have a weapon equipped. Running around in Cheer Park dialing in your settings won’t mean anything if you don’t have a weapon lodged in your hand. For whatever reason, you can’t throw punches in OTS mode, either. It’s truly for ranged damage only.

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