PUBG Mobile Mountain Dew Guide: Erangel Vending Machine Locations

Grab that green gulp!

Chase the Dew? Do the Dew? Answer the Call of Dewty? One of these is the official tagline for the new PUBG Mobile x Mountain Dew in-game event. The big green gulp is sponsoring this year’s PMCO competition, and with the hype building up, we’re getting a few in-game cosmetics to keep things going. Here’s how to complete the PUBG Mobile Mountain dew challenge.

From now until October 7, Mountain Dew will be dispensed all across Erangel. Collect enough of the stuff and you can exchange it for skins and coupon scraps. It’s not massively exciting, but for all we know, it could be the start of something bigger. A longer promotion with better rewards only open to those who complete this first step. It’s unlikely to have that kind of barrier, but what we’re saying is there’s no point letting this quick-fire event slip by when it’s no more difficult than entering an Erangel match — something the vast majority of PUBG Mobile players do anyway.

PUBG Mobile Erangel Vending Machine Locations

Mountain Dew spawns on Erangel only. Previously Miramar-only machines existing for the sole purpose of getting some generous health regeneration going, the Mountain Dew machines on Erangel pump out not just the dew, but usable Energy Drinks and a couple other vital supplies, too.

I thought the locations of each vending machine would be a tightly-kept secret for players to figure out. So much so that I actually got myself a chicken dinner just trying to find the blasted things. They’re not as clear-cut in their spawn locations as the Miramar machines, but there do tend to show up by key building types. On my adventures, gas stations were a reliable source of big drink — as they probably are in real life, too. Either side of the bridges from the Military Base was great for getting a few, so those who like to drop straight into the action can expect some easy tokens. Here’s are all the vending machine locations on Erangel during the Mountain Dew challenge.

PUBG Mobile Mountain Dew locations

As for the rest of the machines, Tencent actually outlined the locations themselves above which, given it’s a promotion designed to get a product in front of our eyeballs, actually makes a lot of sense in hindsight. I may have wasted a lot of time “researching,” but I’m just glad it’s over.

Whether you’re interested in the event or not, they’re well worth seeking out just for the survival items mid-match. Unlike the Miramar machines, however, you won’t be able to spam their buttons into submission for extra loot. A single press is all each machine is capable of, so you’ll only get a single Mountain Dew per dispenser you find in each match.

PUBG Mobile x Mountain Dew Rewards

Right now, there are five unique rewards to exchange your Mountain Dew for. That’s right, you don’t drink this stuff. Not until there’s a Doritos promotion, at least. So until then, here are all the cosmetic items available during the Mountain Dew event:

  • Mountain Dew Parachute (15 tokens)
  • Mountain Dew T-Shirt (15 tokens)

Both items are adorned with massive Mountain Dew logos for that extra commercial feel. Either option will set you back 15 Mountain Dews collected across any number of Classic matches on Erangel. As for why you can redeem each reward three times, that’s because these items are, you guessed it, timed equips. If you want to rock either for longer than five days, you’ll need to toss the Events screen another 15 bottles of the stuff per item up to a maximum of three redemptions of each. That’s a lot of gamer juice.

The rest of the rewards are mostly for anyone sitting on excess bottles of Dew or would rather spend time limited currencies on other currencies. Here’s what else you can exchange Mountain Dew for during the event:

  • BP (one token)
  • Classic Coupon Crate Scraps (six tokens)
  • Supply Crate Coupon (three tokens)

Fifteen bottles of Mountain Dew might sound like a lot for a simple timed cosmetic, but the stuff isn’t as hard to come across as it might sound. Here’s where to find Mountain Dew in PUBG Mobile.

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