PUBG Mobile Memory Fragment: Energy Tower Locations and Rewards

Erangel 2.0 launched this month with a little more mystery than initially anticipated. What started as a simple redux job of the original PUBG Mobile map turned into something more, with the Memory Fragment feature surprising us on the big day. For those who fire up the game and drop straight into a match, odd sci-fi ping noises and quick and constant text heavy notifications on the top of the screen throughout were downright confusing.

The system isn’t self-explanatory. The notifications appeared for seemingly random reasons, weren’t all too eye-catching in their position, and disappeared before many had a chance to make sense of what they were saying. Now that a few weeks have passed, it’s time to get everyone up to speed on the benefits of them. Here’s how the Memory Fragment system works and why you should be giving it your attention.

PUBG Mobile Energy Towers

What is the Memory Fragment System?

The Memory Fragment system is like a hint of Payload mixed in with the Classic Battle Royale formula. Alongside Erangel’s reworked layout is a metric ton of different towers adorning the landscape. These are officially named Energy Towers, and they can dispense some very helpful loot: anything from common ammo to typically air drop only Spetsnaz Helmets can be had through these, so giving them your time can really help even the odds in a dicey matchup.

I’m not going to pretend to know or care about the lore surrounding the Memory Fragment feature. Tencent and PUBG Corporation are doing their best to splice a little story into the IP to go alongside Fortnite and Apex Legends, but after years on the market, millions of us came in with no care for a story, and that isn’t changing now. Let’s just focus on the benefits of it instead.

Redeeming Energy Tower rewards in PUBG Mobile

How to Unlock Energy Tower Rewards

Energy Tower rewards are unlocked by completing any two missions from any one fragment type. You can check your progress on these or simply get a refresher of each objective by tapping the diamond icon stuffed in the top right of the screen mid-match.

Finding Energy Towers – PUBG Mobile Energy Tower Locations

When you’ve completed any two of a single type, you’ll be prompted to redeem rewards from the relevant Energy Tower. All applicable tower locations will then be marked on your map as color coded diamonds until you claim them. You can grab rewards from all five tower types in a match one time only by hitting the “Reward” button while at an unlocked tower. After about five seconds, the goods will appear by you just like any regular loot drop.

Here are the five types and the objectives you’ll want to tick off to activate the rewards:

Energy Tower Missions

  • Elite Sniper
    • Carry Sniper Rifles for longer than 5 minutes
    • Rack up 2 defeats (kills) with Sniper Rifles
    • Hit moving enemies 3 times with Sniper Rifles
    • Hit enemies in the head 2 times
  • Treasure Adept
    • Simultaneously equip a Helmet and Armor that are no lower than Lv. 2
    • Explore Air Drops 1 times
    • Equip the main weapon with all its attachments 1 time
    • Search 6 death crates
  • Extreme Adventurer
    • Take more than 100 damage from enemies
    • After defeating an enemy, defeat another enemy within 2 minutes
    • Survive for longer than 10 seconds when you Health is lower than 30
    • Death/ knock down an enemy while health is less than 30
  • Survival Expert
    • Survive for longer than 10 minutes
    • Drive/ride a vehicle for a total of more than 2 minutes
    • Reach full Energy 3 times
    • Heal more than 200 Health
  • Swift Attacker
    • Rack up 2 defeats while using an Iron Sight or a weapon with 2x Scope or lower
    • Rack up 1 defeat while running
    • Rank up 3 defeats within 50 meters
    • Rank up 2 defeats with SMGs

It’s worth noting the odd shift in terminology here. Very rarely does the RP mission list use the term “defeat” in place of “kill,” but that’s what’s going on here. You don’t need to, say, die while running to complete the second Swift Attacker objective.

You don’t have to complete these missions or even accept the rewards if you do, but given there’s a chance to get Air Drop tier goods for menial tasks, they might just be necessary for keeping up with the herd.

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