This PUBG Mobile M16A4 ‘Laser’ Trick Might Be Too Much

Could it be the king of all weapons?

As in just about any shooter, each PUBG Mobile gun has a strict set of characteristics players need to take into account when firing: recoil, bullet spread, range, fire rate, and plenty other tiny little details. These ultimately judge the effectiveness of a weapon, not only in a given scenario, but with a given player. But even after well over a year of playtime, PUBG Mobile players are just now realizing the potential of the popular M16A4 assault rifle.

It’s a staple weapon in almost every military shooter. A common find in PUBG Mobile, the M16A4 is incredibly reliable thanks to its balanced stats. Yet it’s the gun’s burst mode that’s suddenly solidifying it not just a great go-to weapon for the start of a battle royale fray, but as a viable contender for late-game strategies, too.

YouTuber Feitz struck gold on the PUBG Mobile subreddit this week with a short clip of their M16A4 skills. By timing each press of the trigger just right, Feitz was able to completely counter the weapon’s natural recoil, creating a barrage of hyper-accurate bullets from between buildings, utterly destroying players peaking out from across the Bootcamp area on Sanhok. All with just the standard iron sights.

Comparing the gun’s performance to that of a laser due to its ridiculous combination of range, accuracy and fire rate, Feitz video amassed well over 500 upvotes throughout the day. Players wondering how exactly Feitz managed to master the weapon’s intricacies were let onto the secret; to time subsequent trigger presses with the final bullet of each burst.

The PUBG Mobile M16A4 Laser Trick

By default, the PUBG Mobile M16A4 holds 30 bullets. That’s just enough to rattle out 10 three-shot bursts before needing to reload. At around 30 damage per shot against Lv. 1 armor, it’s not going to drop a target from full HP in a single burst, making the usefulness of hyper-accurate follow-up bursts clear to see.

The weapon can drop anyone but those with full HP and a Lv. 3 helmet in just one or two headshots. But therein lies the downside of this particular trick… The recoil from a standard burst is usually enough to kick the aim of a weapon from a target’s chest to their head with a single tap, more or less guaranteeing lethal damage if all three bullets find their mark. With this particular trick, the eliminated recoil creates a need to aim specifically for the head to land a lethal blow against all targets in a single press of the trigger.

With an extended mag, that 10 burst limit rises to 13. That’s potentially enough to land another kill or two before needing to reload.

The M16A4’s attachment variety and common spawn rate have helped it remain a popular choice among snipers. But the discovery of the M16A4 burst iron-sight trick could convince those long-range fanatics to take their go-to weapon back into close-quarters combat. And with the PUBG Mobile Twitter account even endorsing the discovery, it looks like it won’t be classed as a balance-killing bug, either.


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