PUBG Mobile Lovely Baker Skin – Actual UC Purchase Bonus Cost

Cheap and cheerful.

Looking at the new PUBG Mobile Lovely Baker skin from the latest UC Purchase Bonus event? Getting a free PUBG Mobile skin is one of the best things you can achieve in the game. It’s not quite as satisfying as scoring an elusive and delicious Chicken Dinner, but it’s certainly up there. The problem is, not many free PUBG Mobile skins exist. And when they do come around, they’re typically pretty lackluster, often lacking the detail more costly skins enjoy. But you can get one of the latest skins dirt cheap right now: you just need to know how. It’s not free, but it’s a relative bargain.

This month, PUBG Mobile has introduced a whole set of skins inspired by baking. Like the Homeland Defender gingerbread man outfit, you’ll see them plastered all over the game. And while you can absolutely expect to need to whale for the featured outfits, you can get the Lovely Baker skin simply through buying UC. You don’t even need to spend it. So how does this whole thing work?

The PUBG Mobile UC Purchase screen showing how much you need to spend to unlock the Lovely Baker skin.

How to Get the Lovely Baker Skin

In case you haven’t seen this style of promotion before, the UC Purchase event has three tiers of rewards; a headpiece, a complete skin, and a weapon skin. You can unlock the first two simply by purchasing a set amount of UC while the event is up. It’s free, but only in a sense. You need to spend money to obtain the UC, but you can claim the rewards without spending the currency you buy, allowing you to save the UC for another skin or potentially pulling one straight away from a gacha or even an X-Suit event.

But how much of your real-world moolah do you need to actually spend? Though there’s probably no malice intended (unlike the B-Duck roulette) the menu can be a little tricky to understand. When you tap the Add UC button in the top-right corner of the lobby screen, the game asks you to buy a set amount of UC for the Purchase Bonus rewards to unlock. The issue is that it doesn’t say whether you need to buy that amount in one go or whether it can be split across multiple purchases.

It’s understandable to be a little skeptical. Most games with gacha elements hide sneaky little clauses behind bonuses; like putting the cost of a ten-pull just out of reach of one premium currency bundle, forcing you to spend extra for a higher one. On first inspection, it looks like PUBG Mobile attempts to trick you like this as well. You can grab the hat with a cheap 60 UC bundle, but you need to buy 120 UC to get the all-important Lovely Baker skin. The bundle above that first one gives you 300 UC — considerably more than you need to unlock the outfit.

So how much do you need to spend to unlock the Lovely Baker set in this UC Purchase bonus event? Thankfully, there are no shenanigans in place here. You don’t need to buy 120 UC in one pack to unlock the reward. Two purchases of 60 UC will unlock both rewards, giving you a new, colorful, and very cute outfit for somewhere along the lines of $2. Again, it’s not really “free,” but given you don’t need to spend the UC to claim them (and can thus spend it on other in-game goods) it’s not far off.

Don’t go thinking you can luck your way into grabbing the set at a discount, though. While you don’t need to buy a more expensive bundle to unlock the Lovely Baker skin, you can’t get it with a single 60 UC purchase. Returners have a chance to gain bonus UC when buying the bundle, which can add up to more than 120 UC, but this won’t count towards the unlock. You have to purposefully buy a total of 120 UC for it to work. Do that, and you’ll get your PUBG Mobile Lovely Baker skin for (almost) nothing.

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