PUBG Mobile Koenigsegg Collab: How to Unlock Jesko & Gemera Skins

Make vroom for the Swedes!

It’s time for yet another luxury sports car brand to drift into PUBG Mobile. Reminding the masses that cosmetic skins are the closest they’ll ever get to owning a truly powerful vehicle, you’ll need a comparatively large wallet to own one in-game. By PUBG Mobile standards, at least. Following in the footsteps of both McLaren and Tesla, November sees Swedish sports car brand Koenigsegg speed into Erangel and any other map that spawns two of the game’s more beaten up baseline models.

Two luxury vehicles come as part of the collaboration: the Jesko and the Gemera—both in a completely over-the-top rainbow gradient finish. Though you’ll never see a car color quite like it on the road, the rainbow effect in a video game is largely used as a sign of rarity: like Gold or Silver. Other colors like Silver Gray and Dawn are available at a third of the total cost, but no matter your personal preference, there’s no denying the psychology of the rainbow finish. Any other will look second best next to the versions that cost three times as much to obtain.

How to Unlock the Koenigsegg Car Skins in PUBG Mobile

So how do you get the Koenigsegg car skins in PUBG Mobile? By shelling out a lot of UC. Tucked behind a gacha system, you only need three Koenigsegg coins to unlock the car of your choice in the elusive Rainbow finish. That’s right: you get to pick your poison. But those coins are locked behind a gacha system that has plenty of other unrelated rewards tossed in to reduce your odds. And at 60 UC (around $1) per go, expect to be spending a lot for the primary rewards of the Speed Drift gacha.

Sure, you’ll likely end up with every other prize in the pool by the time you unlock a single thing the collaboration is promoting, but anyone thinking they’ll grab one with a single $60 Google Play or iTunes gift card will likely only come away with something like the Scarlet Rogue outfit, a graffiti GROZA skin, and a Vikendi pan: none of which are even vaguely related to the cars at the end of the gacha tunnel.

Though the game doesn’t disclose the odds of this particular gacha, it doesn’t take much sleuthing around to understand that the Koenigsegg coins are the rarest of the bunch. Regardless of your actual reward, each pull in the Speed Drift gacha nets you consolation tokens. These can be spent in the Reward Redemption box for your choice of applicable rewards. Simply put, the further up the list the reward is, the more tokens they demand. And at 1500 tokens, one Koenigsegg Coin costs almost triple that of the next cheapest prize, suggesting they’re astronomically more unlikely to drop from a paid pull.

Whether you see it as a blessing or a curse, there’s actually a chance of pulling two coins at once. That would be enough to unlock both cars in their non-rainbow finish. Again: there’s always a chance you’ll net the car of your dreams with very little UC investment, but there’s a far greater chance that either of these luxury vehicles will be your most expensive PUBG Mobile item yet. Like with the B.Duck set, you can get a few discounts along the way (30 UC off a pull, etc.), but the odds are there to make the cost of getting PUBG Mobile‘s latest luxury car feel like the real deal. Once you have either one, they’ll replace the game’s beaten-up Sedans in all your future matches.

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