The New PUBG Mobile TDM Map Is (Almost) What Players Have Wanted For Years

Welcome to de_jungle, we've got TDM!

There’s a new PUBG Mobile TDM map coming in the near future, and it’s probably going to anger players of the console/PC PUBG game.

PUBG Mobile introduced TDM (or Team Deathmatch) back in May of this year. Many saw it as a way to bring the raw Call of Duty experience to PUBG Mobile in the face of the CoD Mobile release. Stuck to a single map on a 4v4 format, it isn’t the most in-depth TDM experience out there and obviously pales in comparison to the staple Call of Duty game mode. But while the 4v4 element won’t be changing any time soon (that we’re aware of), it looks as if we will be gaining a new map in the near future.

Chinese Server Jungle TDM Gameplay from r/PUBGMobile

Reddit user Zexinio uploaded a clip to the popular message board on Tuesday morning, showing off the new “Jungle” TDM map. There isn’t any asset hacking or custom content going on here, either. The map was recently added to the Chinese PUBG Mobile servers for players to mess around on.

We can see from the UI elements that it’s still very much a 4v4 game mode. We can’t confirm the actual size of the map from the video, but it does look bigger than the Warehouse map TDM launched with across the world earlier this year.

If you thought the 4v4 format of PUBG Mobile TDM was down to the smaller introductory map, it looks as if even a noticeably larger map won’t increase this; which we suspect is to eliminate the risk of splitting the playerbase across too many different modes, reducing overall queue time.

The map itself is actually less “Jungle” and more Aztec Ruins. Players have likened this to the popular de_aztec map of Counter-Strike fame, while others have joked that it proves Tencent doesn’t know what a Jungle is given the length of time regular PUBG players have been requesting a guerilla-style map on other platforms.

Unlike the default Warehouse TDM map, Jungle clearly includes both longer and wider corridors. It’s a noticeably more open map by comparison, so expect less camping corners and climbing roofs, and more run and gun action.

There’s no official confirmation that the Jungle TDM map will make it across the pond just yet, but it’s not often PUBG Mobile China gets any exclusive content outside of some killer skins.

Worldwide updates can come frequently and completely out of the blue sometimes. PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 arrived in mid-July with the equally impressive 0.14.0 update arriving a little less than a month later. With that timeline in mind, PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 could arrive within the next few weeks, hopefully bringing the Jungle TDM map with it.

The closer we get to PUBG Mobile 0.15.0, the closer we are to the thoughtful colorblind options Community Manager Ocho asked players about earlier in the year. Most of the content for recent patches was already finalized by then, which means any potential PUBG Mobile colorblind features would arrive in later updates.

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