PUBG Mobile Infection Mode Guide – Quick Tips and Strategies

It's a fast and fun zombie romp!

PUBG Mobile surprised us all this week with the release of the Infection mode – a third entry in the PUBG Mobile Zombies series of game modes. We probably could have lived without any of the zombie modes introduced with the RE2 collab given the appeal of the vanilla Battle Royale experience, but PUBG Mobile Zombies in its many flavors has proven to be a nice little distraction from the admittedly repetitive and potentially time-consuming classic formula.

PUBG Mobile Infection is quite a bit different to the other modes, but we’ve toyed around with it enough today to offer what we think are some insightful tips to guide you through the process. If you prefer the classic zombies experience, we have a guide for that too.

PUBG Mobile Infection guie

What is PUBG Mobile Infection Mode?

PUBG Mobile Infection mode is an asymmetric multiplayer mode which pits player-controlled zombies against player-controlled Defenders. The three-round mode plays out on the relatively small Lost Harbor map, creating a claustrophobic and controlled environment to keep the action moving.

Between rounds, every player controls a Defender. Then, as the round starts, randomly-selected players will become zombies. It’s up to the zombies to turn Defenders with their melee attacks, while Defenders attempt to save their kind by eliminating the zombies with their assault rifles. A round ends when either side is completely wiped out or the round timer ticks down to zero. Defenders win by simply outlasting the timer, whereas zombies will need to eliminate all Defenders to claim victory.

PUBG Mobile Infection map

PUBG Mobile Infection Map

The Infection mode map, Lost Harbor, has clear A, B, and C rendezvous points with quick-chat phrases to help Defenders set up suitable chokepoints and coordinate. Small gaps and springy rubber rings bar helpful locations behind skillful jumps, which can both help and hinder both sides of the fight.

Most choke points also contain plenty of boxes and barricades for players to duck and weave between. This cuts off the shooting gallery appeal of certain chokes, allowing zombies to bide their time to contemplate either a quick retreat or hasty assault when being shot at from further down the choke. Low ground is far more open, with buildings even having more than two exits, creating easy routes to predict player movement and cut off or surround another player.

PUBG Mobile Infection Zombie & Defender Types

There are three different types of zombies in this new mode: Speed, Stealth, and King.  Defenders infected by zombies automatically turn into Speed Zombies, but can choose to respawn as a Speed or Stealth zombie if killed by a Defender. Zombies killed by Vanquishers cannot respawn.

Each zombie type has a distinct difference and synergizes with other zombies in different ways:

  • Speed Zombie: A fast-moving male-bodied zombie. Attacks with a melee slash and can activate a skill to increase its running speed. Good for ambushes.
  • Stealth Zombie: A female-bodied zombie that attacks with claws just like the Speed Zombie. The running speed buff is instead replaced with an invisibility/cloak skill for sneak attacks.
  • Zombie King: Achieved through grabbing a Booster or killing two Defenders. Zombie Kings are large and slow, but deal more melee damage to Vanquishers. Their skill buffs the defense of nearby zombies.

Defenders, on the other hand, have access to only two forms: Defender and Vanquisher.

  • Defenders: Use two 660-bullet fully stacked assault rifles to damage zombies. Become infected with one hit.
  • Vanquisher: Uses a machete to damage zombies. Can take far more hits and deal more damage in a single hit. Can also use an ability to perform a larger cleave swing.

PUBG Mobile Infection Mode Weapons and HP

It only takes one swing of a zombie’s claw to turn a Defender, but gunfire is noticeably less effective against zombies. Player collision can make narrow walkways difficult to traverse, too. With these limitations in mind, Defenders will typically want to get to a high-ground choke point and focus their fire on approaching zombies, as being on the ground levels will open players up to countless flanks.

Defenders have access to fully kitted out AKM and M16A rifles from the start, with 660 rounds of ammo for each, so Defenders won’t need to worry about running out of bullets. Zombies, on the other hand, only have their melee swing and an active Sprint skill to pop from time to time. Shooting a zombie will slow them down for a short while, making it possible to outpace a zombie as you run back to high ground – assuming there aren’t any more swarming around you.

PUBG Mobile Infection strategy guide

PUBG Mobile Infection Mode Strategy


The pre-round experience isn’t as relaxed as it looks. While it makes sense for Defenders to rush to the high-ground chokepoints, there’s every chance the initial randomized Infection wave could turn your nearest neighbor into a zombie, putting you either in a really great or grave position depending on whether your turn or not.

As you don’t know which side you’ll be on until the timer ticks down, it’s difficult to decide whether to group up or stay clear of other players. The best of both worlds decision is usually to stick to the high-ground but behind cover. The various chokepoints around the map have plenty of boxes to hide behind, allowing players to dodge incoming fire and drop off the ledge, or hide and rush a nearby opponent.

Early Round

This is where everyone shares the same objective – Kill. Defenders can’t grow their numbers, while zombies can both reduce the defenders and increase their own; but the objective remains the same.

Defenders: You’ll want to rush back to high-ground choke like A or head to the rooftops. Both allow for a quick escape if needed, but also limits the zombies chances of reaching you before you gun them down. You’re probably going to be in trouble if multiple zombies come running at once, however. In that situation, deal as much damage as you can; but give yourself enough time to dive out and run to another point.

Zombies: This is probably the easiest point of the match for you. There are plenty of Defenders to choose from, and the time to kill is astronomically low. Aim for stragglers on the floor for quick and easy kills, but also be on the lookout for any high-ground defenders distracted by what’s going on beneath them. They’ll likely be staring down their own guns, creating a massive blind spot around them for you to exploit.

Killing two personal kills upgrades a regular zombie into a Zombie King. You’re a much larger target in this form, but you unique defensive buff and large health pool can give your speedier allies a much better chance of scooping up the rest of those kills.


Defenders: At this point, there’s bound to be a Zombie King or two on the field. You’re still better off aiming for any remaining regular zombie, though, as they’re faster and have the added risk of becoming an additional Zombie King themselves. It’s a general rule of most games to never focus on the tankier character while the true damage dealers are on the map. It’s no different here.

Zombies: Stay close to your Zombie King if you can and hope they protect you with their buffs and large bodies long enough to let you grab a kill or two. If you notice the Defenders focusing their attention on the Zombie King while it runs around trying to grab kills itself, use that distraction to close in on your enemy.


At this point, the last few surviving Defenders become Vanquishers and swap their guns for powerful swords. Vanquishers take far more swings to take down and gain access to a sweeping strike on a cooldown that can take down multiple low-HP zombies with ease. Zombies can also pick up periodically spawning Boosters to quickly turn into a Zombie King.

Defenders: As a Vanquisher, you want to use your melee strike to clean up any remaining zombies. Just like before, it’s worth focusing on smaller zombies to reduce the overall danger. If possible, attempt to time your skill with multiple approaching zombies to hit them all in one go. Multiple Vanquishers can then work together to overrun a Zombie King. Boosters will increase your HP and damage.

Zombies: Most low-level zombies will want to focus on grabbing a nearby Booster as soon as it spawns. This will net them a quick Zombie King upgrade, allowing them to take much more of a beating from Vanquishers than they otherwise would.

Zombie Kings will want to stay close to any remaining low-level zombies to help keep them alive long enough to either upgrade through a booster or herd a Vanquisher into the grasp of another Zombie King. Zombie Kings are big enough to surround the few Vanquishers on the field, but they’ll struggle to do it alone. Don’t be afraid to use the blue zone to hide and surprise your opponents.

PUBG Mobile Infection booster location

PUBG Mobile Infection Booster

One of the things the new PUBG Mobile Infection mode doesn’t tell you about is the Booster. You’ll see a notice about the booster “being ready” at the top of the screen multiple times per round, but it isn’t always clear what it is. The booster is a unique buff found in Infection mode that does one thing for zombies, and another for Defenders.

The booster spawns around every 15-30 seconds, but it becomes far more valuable as the round goes on and it becomes less dangerous to search for. You’ll typically find the briefcase hiding the boosting indoors on an oil drum or crate. Once someone picks it up, its cooldown resets and you’ll have to wait for grab it again.

What the booster does depends on who exactly picks it up. For Defenders and Vanquishers, it offers an HP and damage-up buff. For zombies, it instantly transformed them into a Zombie King, eliminating the need to get two kills.

Quick Tips

There’s a lot going on in any one round of PUBG Mobile Infection, but these quick tips should help either side make more informed decisions in the heat of the moment:

  • Zombies don’t take damage outside of the blue zone
  • Zombies “level up” to become Zombie Kings after getting two kills
  • Each Vanquisher swing hits for around 500 HP
  • Defenders and Zombies alike can use bouncy rubber rings to reach high places
  • Defenders should always make use of choke points to minimize incoming threat
  • You can unequip gun attachments in case you prefer iron sights
  • Defenders should look for choke points split with jumps to outlast the timer
  • Switching to your secondary gun is always faster than reloading

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