PUBG Mobile Hundred Rhythms Mode Guide: Which Performance is Best?

We're all Recon Knights.

With Runic Power mode now gone, something had to take its place. Tencent wasn’t content with having Erangel go back to normal, so if haven’t visited the original PUBG Mobile map for a couple of months now; sorry, but you’re still not going back there just yet. Hundred Rhythms has taken the stage for the game’s third anniversary, and while it’s not quite as content-rich as it sounds, its quirks do need explaining. Here’s what the new mode is all about, and which Hundred Rhythms profession is best.

What is Hundred Rhythms PUBG Mobile?

Though it sounds brand-new, the Hundred Rhythms mode in PUBG Mobile isn’t 100 percent unique. In fact, it’s not too dissimilar to the Runic Power mode it replaces. Like the outgoing mode, it’s a modified Battle Royale experience that gives each player a choice of additional skills to take into the fray beyond their usual guns, armor, and attachments.

Players choose one of three different “Professions” as they land on Spawn Island. From there, they’re free to practice with their new-found powers. Once the battle begins, it’s still a case of foraging for the weapons you’ll use to slay your enemies, but you’ll have a few new skills to weave between your shots—or even ways to defend yourself while you find your first weapon.

Which is the Best Hundred Rhythms Profession?

Hundred Rhythm does not, in fact, feature 100 different rhythm skills to pick up and play with. Like the Runic Power mode, you have a choice of three sets containing three unique skills each: One active, and two passives unlocked over time to augment the primary skill. These skills come from “armbands” you select at the start of the match, essentially serving as representation. So which Hundred Rhythms profession is best? It all depends on your playstyle.


1. Music Barrier (Active) – Generates a semi-transparent barrier that reduces the damage of enemy fire.
2. Music Conversion (Passive) – Allows players to disable the barrier to recover the Energy of allies within range.
3. Pop Metal (Passive) – Players and allies have decreased reload time within the barrier

The music barrier is a good all-rounder. Throwing it down can protect your squad from overwhelming fire. The reload speed boost can help you outgun the opposition. Then, when the battle is nearing its conclusion, you can drop the shield to regenerate energy.

Recon Knight

  1. Sonic Scan (Active) –Throw a scanning device, which marks and reveals the location of nearby enemies.
  2. Encore (Passive) – Knocking down marked enemies recovers health.
  3. Sound Burst (Passive) – Ammunition deals additional electric charge damage to marked enemies.

This will be the best Hundred Rhythm profession for sure. The most used, at least. Recon Knight is for the hyper-aggressive types out there — of which there are many — who want to zero in on a position, fire until they’re out of ammo, and then somehow fight some more. Encore can help keep momentum with heals as you knock players down like skittles, never stopping to heal, whereas the damage boost from Sound Burst could enable those with impeccable aim and speed to negate the need for heals but just grossly out-damaging the opposition.


  1. Stealth (Active) – Equips the player with a ghillie suit.
  2. Surveillance (Passive) – Causes a UI tip to appear whenever there are any enemies nearby.
  3. Breathing Easy (Passive) – Upon taking no damage for a short period of time, HP begins to regenerate.

This is for the lone wolves out there who prefer a slow and steady skirmish. Having a ghillie suit on demand is a huge benefit already, but having the option to be alerted to nearby enemies or regenerate health over time helps in numerous ways.

The range of the tracker means snipers will only be alerted to potential incoming threats as opposed to far-off targets, so while it won’t make campers any more aggressive, it will push more passive players to come out of their shells. Regeneration after a time allows passive players to heal up as they stalk or hide from any other nearby players. It’s best suited for hunters looking to get in close and quietly.

Expect the Hundred Rhythms mode to stick around until at least the end of the PUBG Mobile anniversary. It could be as soon as early April, or as late as the next patch a little further down the line. Enjoy it while it lasts, basically. The techno music won’t be around forever.

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