PUBG Mobile Halloween 2019: Everything We Know About This Year’s ‘Halloweeks’ Event

Give some cosplay tips to the guy with the tape.

Between all the ban notices and patch 0.15.0 talk, the PUBG Mobile social media accounts have been teasing this year’s PUBG Mobile Halloween event. Known officially as “Halloweeks,” it’s dedicated to spooky costumes and cosmetics. It’s also coming with tomorrow’s massive 0.15.0 patch.

Details are relatively scarce at the moment, but Tencent has been using its social media channels to tease some cute and creepy costumes.

PUBG Mobile halloween 2019 vampire skin

PUBG Mobile Halloween 2019 Teases

The first tease started around three or four days ago with a character we’re not afraid to say bore a striking resemblance to Nathan Drake of Uncharted fame. Though we never saw that intrepid adventurer slide in some vampire teeth for a bit of a Halloween party. If you’ve always wanted to identify as a rugged outdoor bloodsucker, you might finally get your wish.

A day later and the Halloweeks tease extended to a shot of a young woman standing in front of a mirror tying the ribbon of her cloak around her neck, with a comically large witch’s hat already atop her head. With a health kit in the background, at least she knows to keep her spells and rituals free of germs.

The following day, Frankenstein came out to play – with a whole load of scotch tape. We’re pretty sure there are better ways to stick a bolt to your screw (costume glue exists), but we know better than to get in the way of a creative and their process.

Then, on the final day leading up to release, we got our final look at what’s to come in the PUBG Mobile Halloweeks event. Though we’re not entirely sure what it is. This wannabe general has some kind of mystical tapeworm protruding from his skull, and we’re to presume you can, too!

But before that last one, Tencent slipped an in-game video of the Halloweeks event on Instragram.

Once you log in after the PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update you should notice the Party Invitation banner on the bottom right of the screen. These aren’t friends or randos inviting you to a match, but PUBG Mobile beckoning you into the Halloweeks event.

To get everyone in the Halloween mood, you can collect a piece of the Psychopath costume each day you log in. That’s the Psychopath Mask on the first day, the Psychopath Set on the second, and a Supply Crate Coupon on the third. Log in on October 22 and you’ll get the Phantom QBZ gun skin. Like most free skins, these only last for three days.

We’ll likely have to wait until the big 0.15.0 update lands to find out the details, but this year’s Halloweeks event already looks set to include a decent amount of silly and spooky costumes.

The PUBG Mobile Halloweeks 2018 event brought a day/night cycle to Erangel matches. Exclusive skins were also present, but they dropped the silly costume party feel in favor of more spooky ensembles like the Mummy, Skeleton, and Count set, with cars and guns getting covered in pumpkins instead.

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