PUBG Mobile Gun Game Guide: Tips for the New Library Map

Bulletproof cardboard is a nice touch.

Sneaking out on the advent of Erangel 2.0’s beta release came the new Library arena map. Rather than being another simple TDM map or a second Domination level, PUBG Mobile’s new Arena offering is Gun Game — a popular test of skill seen in games like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty.

Rather than complex map analysis and a deep explainer of what the game mode is, the relative simplicity of Gun Game means there isn’t too much to dive into. Alas, after a bunch of easy victories, we’re ready to share some choice tips and tricks to get you across the finish line fast.

What is Gun Game?

Gun Game is a skill-based Arena variant. The goal is to be the first team to have a player reach 18 kills, but how you go about getting them is a little different from a traditional deathmatch.

In Gun Game, you have to get one kill with 18 different weapons. Getting a kill with one weapon upgrades you to the next. You’ll cycle between assault rifles, SMGs, snipers, shotgun, and pistols (in no real particular order), with the final weapon being the coveted Pan.

Gun Game library map

The Map – Library

Gun Game takes place exclusively on the new Library map. This massive book repository consists of a large main hall split by a fountain, bookcases along the edges, and a bridge complete with windy dual staircases on either side. On either far side of the main room are corridors leading up onto the central bridge, with secret chutes on either side of the high points leading back into the center of the main room.

It’s a large, spacious map with plenty of intersections where almost nowhere is safe from a flank or rear counterattack. Players on the bridge can fire down at those on the bottom floor, but the arched structure leaves little but their head sticking above the railings, setting the high ground holder up for getting popped in the noggin. There’s ample cover for ducking and weaving, and even boxes set up to allow more daring players to emerge atop tall bookcases.

PUBG Mobile Gun Game bridge

PUBG Mobile Gun Game Tips

As you’re likely to cycle through entire weapon categories before moving onto the next, it’s important to understand each group’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as working out where each can shine on the map.

Assault Rifles

These are great for picking off targets just about anywhere; in the main hallway, across the bridge, and even from the main hall up onto the bridge (and vice versa).


These are some of the trickier weapon types to secure kills with on this map. You never really know which you’re going to go up against. With these, it’s good to hide around corners — preferably toward the top of the rear ramps. This way the target can’t come around the corner without being in perfect range of your weapon. Likewise, the bookcases leading onto the bridge are good hiding spots. You can either pick off foes as the climb the steps or as the sprint across the bridge. If there’s a skirmish going along the bridge, you can slide in through the crossfire and blow away those trying to take cover.


Handguns are a tad tricky. If you land a high caliber weapon like a Desert Eagle or Revolver, you can try for some long-distance shots from the high corners down to the rear hallway areas. With softer weapons, one good option is to sneak into the upper chutes. Either fire far toward the ramps opposite your position or wait for a fight to break out at the end of the bridge. Under the right circumstances, you’ll be able to pick off nearly the entire team before they clock what’s happening.


From one end of the bridge to the other is the universal answer to this one. The way the map is laid out means you’re likely to get picked off from the sides if you stay scoped for more than a few seconds. Instead, wait for a bridge brawl to break out and start aiming for those coming around the far corner. The angle of the bridge means you can rarely see more than a person’s head, so once you have the X position down, it’s just a matter of scanning left and right for a target.

If the bridge is clear, quickly figure out which side of the hallway the enemy team is spawning. Most come from the right bookcase. Aim true.

If you end up with the crossbow, I wish you the very best of luck. Your best bet with this is to sneak up on someone who’s reloading, recovering, or otherwise trying to hide.


As most fighting takes place within the center of the map, SMGs enjoy their time in the Library. You won’t see them for long — you’ll get through them fast — but they’ll give you the confidence boost needed to pull yourself out of the rut of getting stuck with another weapon.

Similar to the shotgun, SMGs work wonders when hiding behind corners leading out into corridors. If you can keep up with movement, picking people off as they run up the stairs to the bridge is a good option, too. They rarely stop to return fire.

For the most part, though, just hug walls and fire from the hip. That’s where SMGs tend to shine. You can try to pick targets off along the bridge by aiming down the sights and gunning for a headshot, but the heavy recoil of these rapid weapons will get in the way

PUBG Mobile pan tips


Once you reach the pan, it’s melee or bust. It’s worth noting that the pan actually acts as a shield against bullets. A small one, but a shield nonetheless. This means there’s the odd chance you’ll survive charging at a target if their aim isn’t too precise, but there are better ways to go about getting the kill.

One method that works for me is sprinting headlong into an established fight. If you see one of your allies taking on two others — no matter where they are — rush over there and get swinging. Most players zero in on their initial target and won’t swap off until one of them dies, so if there’s a decent distraction going on, you should have time to run in and start swinging.

If you’re playing as a proper team, get your friends to initial the fight and ask that lay off holding the trigger. You want targets to be low, not dead, by the time you reach them with your pan. It’s also worth noting headshots do exist with the pan. If you can aim up, do so.


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