PUBG Mobile Godzilla Event Guide – How To Unlock Skins, Pans, And Guns

Can the real Godzilla please stand up?

The PUBG Mobile Godzilla event is a tame affair right now, but we’re expecting things to hit fever pitch real soon. Coming off the back of the Resident Evil 2 event, which saw the enemies of Capcom’s prolific survival horror franchise invade PUBG Mobile, it’s only natural to think Godzilla and his friends and enemies might soon feature in their own game mode.

But even before that hopeful inevitability, there’s plenty of Godzilla-themed tasks to get stuck into – and lots of Godzilla goodies to earn. This PUBG Mobile Godzilla event guide is here to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

PUBG Mobile Godzilla Event – Getting Started

By far the easiest way of getting involved in the event is to find and equip one of the hundreds of Godzilla-themed t-shirts scattered across each and every map.

The PUBG Mobile Godzilla event started off small. Soon after the collaboration was announced, players began posting in-game screenshots of peculiar bird nests in places they weren’t before. Then came the next logical build-up – t-shirts. Promotional Godzilla t-shirts started appearing in matches, covering each and every match with hype-generating apparel. It’s like every other player became a tiny Godzilla that needed to be put down.

Neither of these two initial content drops amount to anything, though. They’re merely easter eggs designed to get the ball rolling. You won’t get to keep them for future matches as far as we can tell, but they’re a nice little reminder to come across in your games.

PUBG Mobile Godzilla Event – How To Get Rare Ores

PUBG Mobile Godzilla pan

Slowly but surely, more tasks and permanent rewards have been added to the PUBG Mobile Godzilla event pool. Just like past events, you can score most of these prizes simply by playing as normal during the event period. The more you play, the quicker you’ll reap the rewards.

Rewards are currently earned by trading in “Rare Ores” typically awarded through daily “Squad Up” and Clan Activity” missions. The full reward list isn’t massive right now, but includes things like RP Points and the time-limited Godzilla Pan so you can pretend to slap your opponents around with the force of Godzilla’s palm and block bullets like its battle-toughened carapace.

Playing three matches will net you three Rare Ores per day. This can be topped up to five per day by earning 100 Clan Activity points. Both are redeemed through the Events tab, but you can earn a little extra RP Points by playing a few more.

As for spending Rare Ores, there’s something to fit anyone’s budget. Read on for the current list of Rare Ore rewards

  • 1 Rare Ore = Thrill Ride BP Crate
  • 5 Rare Ore = Outfit Box II
  • 10 Rare Ore = Classic Coupon Scrap (x2)
  • 20 Rare Ore = RP Points (x50)
  • 40 Rare Ore = Godzilla Pad (3-days)

While the rewards aren’t bad at all, it’s sad to see the Godzilla Pan only last three days. A potential 8-day grind for a pan that lasts less than half as long stings a little. The Outfit Box II is probably the thing to aim for here.

PUBG Mobile Godzilla Event Guide – How To Unlock The Godzilla Skins

PUBG Mobile godzilla lucky spin

The latest evolution of the PUBG Mobile Godzilla event is the introduction of two powerful new skins – Godzilla’s Carapace, and Ghidorah’s carapace. Added in early June, they’re a Lucky Draw affair. That means the only way to currently obtain them is to throw some UC into the machine and hope for the best.

But while they’re bound to be the hardest items to pull from the wheel, it’s also a way to acquire a permanent Godzilla Pan and permanent Godzilla Blue T-Shirt. It’s also the only place you can grab the newer King Ghidorah Pan and King Ghidorah T-Shirt.

Other rewards up for grabs include PUBG Premium Crate Coupons, Premium Crate Coupon Scraps, Silver, and the various amounts of Godzilla Coin.

For the unlucky or wholly invested, you’ll net bonus items for each spin milestone you hit, up to a whopping maximum of 400 spins.

PUBG Mobile Godzilla Event Guide – Where To Spend Godzilla Coins

PUBG Mobile Godzilla coins

The Godzilla Coin acts a sort of bad luck detector in this case. With enough of these in your possession, you can exchange them for the specific rewards from the Lucky Draw. It’s 900 coins for either of the Carapace skins, 300 for each pan, and 80 for either shirt.

If you just so happen to have all these already, Godzilla Coins can be converted into other currencies like Crate Coupons and Scraps, and Silver.

To spend the coins, just hit the Godzilla Coin icon on the right side of the Godzilla Lucky Draw screen.

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