You Could Get a Free ‘Stealth Set’ Skin in PUBG Mobile This Week

You'd better bring your A-game, though.

If you’re all about in-game cosmetics, you’ll know and understand that PUBG Mobile is not a cheap hobby. Sure, it’s F2P, and progressing through the ranks won’t cost you a dime, but doing so in style? That’ll cost you. Not this week, though. If you consider yourself capable of nabbing a Chicken Dinner, you could just get yourself a new skin through a new community event. Here’s how to get the Stealth Set for free.

Free doesn’t mean easy, and outside of the odd bonus for returning players, PUBG Mobile isn’t about to give away something without a challenge. To get the Stealth Set for free, you’re going to have to be a social butterfly. The Titan Strikes Community Tournament is as it sounds: a community-led event that pits the communicate player base against each other. It’s not even a case of winning the matches you participate in, either. You need to perform well enough to stand out as the day’s MVP. If you can’t, you won’t get the free skin.

The event isn’t just about the free skin, though. It’s the main prize for sure, but it’s not the only freebie up for grabs. Placing anywhere from 1st to 4th place will net you a mysterious Exclusive Crate or two, which could still bag you a free outfit of indeterminate rarity. That’s more of a dice-roll, though. You’ll still need to impress the community leaders with your skill to claim what many would consider the grand prize — the permanent Stealth Set outfit. There’s even an exclusive Community Tournament Avatar Frame for the MVP and a Winner role and exclusive chat permissions for those who nab any of the aforementioned prizes: though they only last for 30 days.

PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes community tournament

To get involved in this glorified free outfit competition of skill, you’re first going to need to join the official (and gargantuan) PUBG Mobile Discord server. After that, it’s a case of which server you happen to be on, as the event takes place across six matches split evenly over the two servers and times listed below:

PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes Community Tournament Times

May 24:

  • Match 1 (Erangel): 13:00 UTC
  • Match 2 (Sanhok): 14:00 UTC
  • Match 3 (Erangel): 15:00 UTC

May 25:

  • Match 1 (Sanhok): 22:00 UTC
  • Match 2 (Erangel): 23:00 UTC
  • Match 3 (Sanhok): 00:00 UTC

As there’s only set to be one MVP on each day, maximizing the number of matches you play can theoretically boost your chances of making the cut. So, if you happen to be on the Asia server already and haven’t recently used up your time-limited server transfer window, you could boost your odds further by hopping over to the North America server on Day 2 of the event.

From the sounds of things, there’s no formal registration process in place right now. Just log into the Discord channel on the date and times listed above. Presumably, the event organizers will then open up a custom lobby, post a match ID, and the roster will fill up on a first come first served basis.

The matches themselves take place on either Erangel or Sanhok with the Titan Strikes ruleset in place. That means monsters could end your run, Apex buildings could pad out your supplies, and crystals dropped by Godzilla or Kong could easily spell disaster. If you haven’t already, familiarize yourself with the match modifiers in our Titan Strikes guide here.

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