PUBG Mobile Darkest Night Guide – How To Win PUBG Mobile Zombies

The toughest PUBG Mobile Zombies mode isn't impossible!

PUBG Mobile Zombies comes in two distinct flavors; Survive Till Dawn and Darkest Night. Arriving with the Resident Evil 2 collaboration a few months back, both modes are actually here to stay, with Tencent simply opting to replaced Capcom’s own grotesque mobs with their own variations.

But while the original Survive Till Dawn mode was easily bested with a strategy involving little more than an open roof on a tall building, the newer Darkest Night mode requires significantly more planning and coordination between teams. This is how PUBG Mobile Zombies should have been from the start. It’s the true claustrophobic survival horror experience pioneered by the game it’s no longer associated with. Being a collaboration event, it wasn’t in the running for a spot on our list of the 5 Worst Licensed Zombie Games in Living Memory.

In this PUBG Mobile Darkest Night guide, we’ll go over the basics and teach you the core strategies needed to live to fight another day (or night). With the outside world no longer safe, you’re relegated to small apartment blocks and houses to live out what will more often than not be your final days. You’ll really want that chicken dinner soon.

PUBG Mobile Darkest Night Guide – Five Core Tips for Survival

PUBG Mobile Darkest Night zombies guide

The newer Darkest Night mode circumvents the original strategy of hiding out atop a large building by covering the entire outside world in a deadly poison at night. It won’t kill you the moment it hits your lungs, but it’ll certainly drop your HP the longer you’re out there. This mode challenges you to survive two nights against the zombie infestation, with the second being far deadlier (and longer) than the first.

Because of the gas, you’re expected to fight your battles indoors, only venturing out in the night to make a break for another more suitable house in the direst life or death situations. You’ll need to make the most of any downtime you get. Prepping with only the first night in mind can easily come back to haunt you in the second.

The First Night

The first night comes thick and fast, so you’ll want to stock up on guns and ammo. You have two minutes to prep before the first of twelve waves comes charging in, but you’ll get to take a breather every once in a while.

After every 7-8 minutes of fighting, you’ll be given a few minutes to regroup and recuperate. The horde won’t actively hunt you down here, so it’s up to you how you spend your moments of solace.

If the zombies invading your personal space aren’t enough to kill you off, maybe the ring will. Yep, it’s still here in Darkest Night and will shrink between breaks. Adding insult to injury, more powerful mobs will be added with each of the 12 waves.

Overall, expect a 30-minute ordeal from start to finish. This isn’t something to start on a bathroom break.

Love Your Guns

You’ve probably already noticed a real lack of PUBG Mobile‘s more “meta” weapons, but with far more enemies to dispatch than your typical battle royale match, you’ll learn to love the abundance of shotguns and SMGs on offer here. if you find an assault rifle, great. If not; get good with what you’ve got.

As dozens of zombies charge toward you, you’re going to want powerful weapons with fast fire rates to stay on the offensive. Given the relatively slow reload speed of practically every weapon available, learning to alternate your shots with the rest of your squad will minimize downtime and stop mob packs from building up.

Having everyone firing on all cylinders will only lead to a simultaneous reload. It’s not hard to imagine why that’s a bad idea here.

Secure The High Ground

You’re going to want to hole up when the zombies come knocking, but certain buildings are far better suited than others. Closed doors won’t stop the undead from barging in, and Single-floor buildings rarely have a single entrance, making it easy for the enemy to swarm and back you into a corner.

For that reason alone, you’re almost always better off finding a house with a second floor. These usually consist of a single staircase, creating a few more efficient natural choke point and a less cluttered environment to weave between any straggles that might get through.

Considering how easy it is to get surrounded in the corner of a room, you’re going to want to stay mobile even in these confined spaces.

Learn To Run

It’s important to know when to run and when to fight. You’ll rarely get a chance to breathe in PUBG Mobile Darkest Night, making healing difficult. That means you’ll want to avoid any and all damage you can, and sometimes braving the noxious gas outside can be a worthwhile venture.

If the fast-approaching night catches you with your pants down, don’t always settle for the first house you come across. Hole up for a little while for sure, but if you know the location of the nearest multi-floor house, making a break for it can often be the difference between life and death.

You’ll have to fight your way there for sure, but it’s not always an impossible proposition. Just make sure to check your surroundings from any nearby window before you launch yourself into the fray.

Stay Close To Me

One of the more unique parts of PUBG Mobile Zombies are the incentives to fight together. There’s no bonus loot at the end of a match or anything, but an array of combat bonuses like extra damage and health apply when you fight alongside your teammates.

If media like The Walking Dead and The Last of Us have taught us anything, it’s that humans need to stick together when the survival of our race is on the line.

Unless you’re taking orders from an Al Gore soundboard being pipped down a microphone, you’re almost always better off sticking with your team rather than going it alone. These zombies are tough, and with ammo being in short supply, being able to down a foe in three shots rather than four will go a long way.

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