PUBG Mobile Coupe Locations: Where to Find the New Car in Version 1.4

Ridin' in style.

PUBG Mobile 1.4 finally introduces a car both PC and console players have been cruising around in for quite some time already. Though it appeared in Miramar exclusively when it launched in those versions, the PUBG Mobile coupe has skipped the staggered release approach and landed on virtually every map in the game from the get-go.

Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and mobile-exclusive map Livik all play host to the new car. Beyond being a blisteringly fast way to get from point A to B, it’s also a great way to clear a bunch of reoccurring RP missions throughout the season. But it’s not a common vehicle you’ll come across in-game unless you’re actively searching for it. Here are just a few of the spots you can hit up to find the coupe in PUBG Mobile, as well as why rushing to it straight from the plane might be the best play you can make.

PUBG Mobile coupe

Where to Find the Coupe in PUBG Mobile: Coupe Spawn Locations

Taking the title of the fastest four-wheeled vehicle in the game, the coupe is going to be relatively hard to come across later in the match. Everybody wants it, and it’s bound to change places as drivers leave it behind or die while driving it.

Thankfully — despite the oddly-worded patch notes — there is more than one coupe in any given match. After hours of searching, these are the rules you’ll want to follow to identify potential coupe spawn locations so that you can high-tail it around the map in both speed and luxury.


On everyone’s favorite 8×8 map, the coupe seems to spawn on one side of the two bridges connecting the Military Base to the main island. In our runs, they were on the side of the main island more often than not, so don’t rely on one to get you away from the popular hot drop location.


On the game’s smaller map, the coupe spawns in medium/large nameless outposts near larger towns. The one between Crabgrass and Aqueduct has a good track record, as does the south road leading into Blomster. Livik has dozens of these little spots along its winding roads, but it’s the slightly larger outposts with four or five buildings that tend to prove themselves worthy of the coupe.


Miramar proves to be a difficult place to track down the elusive coupe. On our travels, only a dusty outpost up the road from the southern bridge offered the new vehicle for a test drive, with no others further in the map ever showing up. From this, it’s safe to assume the coupe only appears around the outskirts of the landmass, where a speedy vehicle will serve the purpose of getting a small team further into the massive map.


Just like Miramar, the humid jungle of Sanhok isn’t a great place to rely on finding a coupe in the heat of battle. Rather than searching for one in smaller outposts and villages, right outside larger residential areas like Sahmee appear to have a better chance of hiding the sought-after vehicle. It’s not an outpost, it’s not a long stretch of empty road, and it’s certainly no bridge, proving no single characteristic of a coupe spawn point is shared across all four maps.

Why You Should Drive the PUBG Mobile Coupe

As for why you’d want to drive the coupe, the benefits of its ridiculous speed are numerous. Able to max out at 150Kmh, the coupe can get you around the map faster than practically any other land vehicle in the game right now. Not only is that great for your overall strategy, but it can help clear those pesky distance-based Royale Pass missions in no time at all.

Though some bikes can beat the coupe across the finish line, the added protection of a fully enclosed vehicle makes it a much safer option when driving straight into smaller circles. Another boon of its speed and smaller body is that it stays stuck to the ground, making sharp turns and drifts a breeze. The only real downside to this lavish ride is that it only has two seats. It’s not going to ferry a whole squad to victory.

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