PUBG Mobile Cherry Blossom Skin Set Rates Are Rough

Tis the season (for wearing Mary Janes on the battlefield)

With only a few days left to grab the Easter outfits, PUBG Mobile is ready to celebrate cherry blossom season with a skin set that’s sure to please those with a love of short pink strapless dresses. It’s a niche in a game like this for sure, but it’s probably still not quite what western players really want right now.

The new Cherry Blossom set features in the PUBG Premium Crate for the next two weeks, lasting almost as long as the brief cherry blossom season itself. Opening a box will set you back 120 UC (around $2) with a slightly discounted price of 1080 UC for a ten-fold pull.

Traditionally viewed as a Japanese holiday where millions head out to view the spectacle, cherry blossoms bloom all over the world. Seasons can take place in early April, late May, or even early January depending on the climate. For PUBG Mobile, the early/mid-May release of the Cherry Blossom set sits firmly in the middle.

Like any good(?) loot box, your chances of piecing together the full Cherry Blossom set is incredibly slim. Consisting of two items of Mythic rarity and five Legendary offerings, you’re looking at a 0.5% pull rate on the dress and backpack, and 2.5% on the decorated helmet, gun skins, and sickle. Given most players would want the skin of a particular gun, getting your preferred loadout will be no easy feat. There’s the single Epic Botanical Garden Parachute at 22%, though, so you might at least walk away with a sliver of evidence that you tried your luck.

If you’re scared of the rates, the good news is that the Cherry Blossom dress comes complete with equally pink and flowery thick-heel Mary Janes. Your shoe game can be sorted with one lucky pull. Though if you’re not a fan of the clogs, you’re out of luck. While you can equip any shoe of your choice, they’ll be hidden until you swap out the dress for something else. It’s all or nothing!

PUBG Mobile cherry blossom set

Much like the parachute, the Botanical Gardens subset continues with the first weapon skin – the Botanical Gardens VSS sniper rifle. To complete the Cherry Blossom set by name, you’ll need to be a fan of the Mk47 or UMP9. They’re not exactly the least popular weapons in the game, but they’re also the only two matching skins featured in the box.

And lastly, for those who swear the classic Counter-Strike rule of a knives-only ending, the Cherry Blossom Sickle is surprisingly pleasing to the eye. With the parachute, sickle, gun, dress, backpack, and that questionable Decorated Helm, you’re sure to stand out on the battlefield with your pink frills and butterfly wings. Just remember that the sickle probably won’t block bullets like the classic PUBG frying pan.

PUBG Mobile doesn’t separate clothing by gender, either, so male and female characters alike can wear the entire set without any archaic societal restrictions in place. That’s a +1 for equality right there, and it only took 0.5% drop rates and the cleansing of your bank account!

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    1. Lucky! They won’t stop adding cute dresses and after the B Duck set I just can’t go through that again…

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