PUBG Mobile Bug Denies Players Delicious Chicken Dinner

No chicken dinner for you!

A dangerous PUBG Mobile bug is causing players to go hungry as it refuses to dish out chicken dinners following the latest update.

PUBG Mobile patch 0.14.0 landed last week, bringing a bunch of new changes – and even a new mode – to the game. But the update has seemingly introduced a bug that prevents players from winning a match when they’re the last man standing, resulting in those famous chicken dinners going cold in the kitchen.

PUBG Mobile 1st place glitch
Credit: Reddit user Legend7577

A player on Reddit by the name of Legend7577 posted about the 1st place glitch yesterday and provided photographic evidence of their final moments in the match. It showed the player prone behind a tree within the circle. In the top left of the image, the counter shows that a single player was left alive Рthe original poster.

As PUBG Mobile is all about being the last man (or squad) standing), the match is designed to automatically end when only one squad or player is left alive. There’s nothing left to do at that point. But since the update, reports have surfaced detailing situations where the game refused to end a match, leaving the final player alone to die by the ever-shrinking circle.

Legend7577 succumbed to that exact fate and was awarded 2nd place.

Since the post, which garnered over 700 upvotes, numerous other players have come forward to share their experiences of the very same anomaly. HappyChima commented “So, it still exists!”, suggesting they had already witnessed or heard about the bug in the past. Thorsloveslave proclaimed it “Happened to us twice!”. TheRedditHerring shared their experience of it happening in a 2-man squad where they were both the last players alive. Further down the thread, multiple other players claimed to have fallen victim to the same “bug”.

Tencent appears to be aware of the bug, at least. Community Team member Aeolus chimed into the post toward the end of the day saying “…it’s something that the team is currently looking into” after reassuring other posters that they had “seen a few posts about this on Reddit”. There doesn’t appear to be a timeframe for a fix just yet. Hopefully, it won’t take Tencent too long to figure out the root cause.

What remains unclear, however, is just how long this bug has been around for. Other people sharing their experiences of the bug never mention exactly when they witnessed it, making it difficult to work out whether this is something new or a recurring issue from a previous update.

It’s not even clear what triggers the bug. A 100% occurrence rate of 1st Place being blocked by a bug would have had far bigger effects by now, leading to the idea that it’s a very rare bug that players haven’t been able to reliably recreate. It also doesn’t seem to be locked to only solo or duo mode, either.

Fixing bugs in video games usually requires enough detailed information about the issue for the programming team to replicate the issue in-house so that they can properly identify the root cause. The longer it takes for the team to reliably recreate the issue on their end, the longer it will take to fix.

Just like Ocho detailed in a bug report post a few months back, the team relies on detailed bug reports from victims to accurately locate and fix problematic issues. If you’ve been denied a 1st Place chicken dinner, write down a detailed story of how the match played out and send it in.

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