Here’s How to Claim the Amazon Prime PUBG Mobile Reward Items

It's a bit of a process...

Tencent and PUBG Mobile recently unveiled plans to dish out free items to Amazon Prime subscribers. It’s one of the first times PUBG Mobile players have been able to claim prizes from outside of the game this way. But with Amazon buying up so many companies over the years, it can be hard to figure out how to claim these PUBG Mobile Amazon Prime rewards.

How To Claim PUBG Mobile Amazon Prime Rewards

The PUBG Mobile social team didn’t do a great job of showing players how to get their free Amazon Prime items. After all, the posts talk about Amazon Prime where most people would expect Twitch Prime due to the fact Amazon Prime subscribers redeem game-related rewards through Twitch more often than not.

It’s not quite as simple as clicking into the Twitch Prime rewards list and tapping “Claim Offer,” either. It won’t beam your PUBG Mobile Amazon Prime rewards over to your account just like that.

Where you would usually see that Claim Offer button, you’ll now only see the “Learn More” button instead. Click that and you’ll find out you actually need to head to a specific PUBG Mobile page on Amazon to get the ball rolling.

To make matters more confusing, you need actually tap into the Amazon PUBG Mobile page on an iOS or Android device – you can’t do this through your typical computer browser.

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Once you’ve clicked the link on your mobile device of choice, all you need to do is tap where it says “Claim Now” on the current available item. The PUBG Mobile Amazon Prime offer will dish out something new every two weeks, starting with the Infiltrator Mask until you have the full Infiltrator set and temporary skins for the Kar98K and parachute.

When you press Claim Now, you should be taken to the PUBG Mobile app store page. Install or launch the game from there, tap into the Events page, then hit the Time Limited tab at the top to find the “Exclusive Loot” banner. This will open up a browser window with the currently available loot options. Tap any unclaimed items, log in with your Amazon Prime-enabled Amazon account, and that should be it.

Be aware that users have reported problems claiming the items after logging in with the wrong Amazon account. If you’ve used the Amazon Prime trial through multiple email addresses, be sure to log in with an active Amazon Prime account. You can’t change your log-ins, so if you log in with the wrong account, you’ll essentially lock yourself out of the promotion unless you pay for a month of Amazon Prime on the linked account.

List of PUBG Mobile Amazon Prime Rewards

The fortnightly release of Amazon Prime PUBG Mobile rewards means you’ll need to sign up for at least 8 weeks (or two months) of Amazon Prime to obtain the full permanent Infiltrator skin.

The full list of Amazon Prime PUBG Mobile rewards and dates are down below:

  • Infiltrator Mask (permanent item) (9/20/19 – 10/3/19)
  • Infiltrator Jacket (permanent item) (10/04/19 to 10/17/19
  • Infiltrator Shoes (permanent item) (10/18/19 to 10/31/19)
  • Infiltrator Pants (permanent item) (11/01/19 to 11/14/19)
  • Epic Level Gun, Blood Oath – Kar98K (30-days) (11/15/19 to 11/28/19)
  • Epic Level Black Magma Parachute (30-days) (11/29/19 to 12/12/19)

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