PUBG Mobile 1.7 – Metro Royale and All Returning Modes Dated

Metro Royale is officially a Christmas mode

PUBG Mobile 1.7 was set to bring a bunch of the game’s best modes back into a frequent rotation; like Metro Royale, Payload 2.0, and the zombie fun of Survive Till Dawn. Carrying on from the similar Reunion campaign from the last patch, players were no doubt happy to be effectively “psych’d” by a development team that took away a long-requested mode just to add it back, take it away, and push it back out again that same year. But just days before the best were set to arrive, the whole lot was quietly pushed back. Seemingly down to a few bugs present in the latest version, every single PUBG Mobile 1.7 returning mode date has been delayed by weeks so as to stick to the original release cadence. Here’s when they’re now set to arrive.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Returning Mode Dates

Metro Royale

  • Original Date: November 22, 2021
  • New Date: December 6, 2021
  • Schedule: Indefinite

Kicking things off is the return of the surprise hit Metro Royale. Originally released as a collaborative effort with the Metro 2033 franchise, it quickly become a fan-favorite, with players ultimately not too pleased when it went away like every other EvoGround mode to hit the game over the last few years.

Now set to return yet again, it’s bound to be the biggest part of the game after the classic Erangel brawl. This PvPvE mode drops squads into an entirely new area and tasks them with scavenging the lasts for materials worth good chunks of Metro Cash back in the lobby. Cash earned can be exchanged for guns, attachments, and interesting new ammunition types. But you’re not the only ones out there. Once you move into the big leagues, other player squads will be skulking around, threatening to steal your stuff as you attempt to raid a base. With equipment lost on death, making subsequent runs even harder, the stakes are always high with this one.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Survive Till Dawn date has changed.

Survive Till Dawn

  • Original Date: November 25, 2021
  • New Date: December 9, 2021
  • Schedule: Thur, Fri, Sat

The premier PUBG Mobile zombies mode returns to strike fear in the players once more. Though hardly going to make the grade as a Christmas-themed event, it’s bound to be the second biggest new mode release of the season—firmly behind Metro Royale. Don’t expect to run into any queue troubles with this one.

Rather than work together to fend off hordes of the undead, Survive Till Dawn mixes classic zombie gameplay with the traditional Battle Royale formula. It’s each squad for themselves in this fan-favorite mode. Not only do you need to cut through waves of the undead, but other players as well.

The aim is still to be the last squad standing, but the shambling horrors storming the fields are only there to distract you from the real battle. If this sounds too much for you to handle, go back to Payload 2.0. Otherwise, go in and take your survival horror expertise with you.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Infection mode date has changed.

Infection Mode

  • Original Date: November 25, 2021
  • New Date: December 9, 2021
  • Schedule: Thur, Fri, Sat

Considered second fiddle next to Survive Till Dawn and the forever absent Darkest Night mode, Infection Mode is still a great way to spend some time between longer Battle Royale matches. In this mode, the lobby is split into two teams: zombies, and soldiers. Soldiers killed by zombies join their ranks, with particularly potent zombies becoming slower, tankier super zombies as the match goes on.

As either side begins to dwindle, it becomes a fight against superpowered people on both sides of the coin. It takes place in a tiny fort, creating a real scary cat and mouse scenario with each round. You won’t gain much transferable Battle Royale experience with this one, but it can help refresh you for another round of the classic game. Check out our original Infection Mode guide if you can’t stomach the thought of coming in second.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Payload mode date has changed.

Payload 2.0

  • Original Date: November 29, 2021
  • New Date: December 13, 2021
  • Schedule: Mon, Sat, Sun

PUBG Mobile 1.7 brings back the game’s answer to the Just Cause franchise. Though there’s no fancy grappling hook present here, a metric ton of explosives are. Helicopters, RPGs, grenade launchers, and even a player respawn feature all debuted in this utterly chaotic take on the Battle Royale formula.

Super Weapon Crates are what you’ll want to seek out to build up the best arsenal in this one. It won’t be easy, but once you get used to the sway, recoil, and travel arcs most of these guns use to fight back against your wishes, you’ll be knocking birds out of the sky in no time. Before it lands, read up on our PUBG Mobile Payload guide for good measure. It’s based on the original iteration of the mode, but many of the points still stand.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Runic Power date has changed.

Runic Power

  • Original Date: November 30
  • New Date: December 14
  • Schedule: Tue, Wed, Sat

The first of what would be several superpower-infused PUBG Mobile game modes released over the last year, Runic Power is back this December. The delay actually seems fitting for this one. Known for getting removed originally when its Ice Wall skill turned players into the Invisible Man, having it be the last returning mode just in time for Christmas is somewhat poetic.

Once it releases, get ready to drop in and pick your poison. In Runic Power, you choose one of three sets of elementally-charged attacks at the start of the fight. It’s your standard Battle Royale affair when you land on the map, but fire balls, ice walls, and wind shields all add an extra layer of strategy to the typical run and gun event. It’s a little sad to see it brought back over the Hundred Rhythms mode yet again, but it’s too similar to really cause that much concern. If it sounds like something you want to check out, read up on our original Runic Power guide to get ready.

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