PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Patch Release Date – Everything We Know so Far

Barrels and choppers and deagles, oh my!

We won’t pretend the PUBG Mobile update numbers make any sense. Why are we still in the zero patch phase, Tencent? What does make sense is smaller updates coming in 0.0.5 increments. That leaves the bigger content patches for after that initial decimal place. Easy enough, right?

That’s why the upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update is exciting. It’s a big one with lots of neat stuff tucked away that didn’t quite make it into the less exciting 0.14.5 patch from last month. We now know the release date, so it’s time to dive in and learn all about its core features.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Release Date

Thanks to Instagram of all places, we now know the PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 patch release date is scheduled for Oct. 16, 2019. Most of the included tweaks and features have been spilling out from the Chinese version of the game over the last few weeks, so it’s good to see Tencent hyping up the wider release with clear images of the upcoming features.

How to update PUBG Mobile to version 0.15.0

To update PUBG Mobile on Oct. 16, when the 0.15.0 patch launches, you’ll probably need to tap into your app store of choice. Larger updates tend to warrant a larger download — something that usually needs to be done outside of the game (unlike the smaller 0.x.5 patches.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Features and Patch Notes

We won’t have specific 0.15.0 patch notes until a day or two before the update officially lands. However, Tencent is making sure to hype up the features through social media posts.

One of the biggest new features to hit PUBG Mobile with patch 0.15.0 is the ability to grab and climb ledges. Similar to how the initial Vaulting update changed the way we played way back when, climbing is set to see a similar shake-up in the meta. You’ll soon be able to climb things like walls and roof ledges to reach typically unconquerable places. Your favorite fortresses will suddenly feel a lot less safe, to… Enemies will soon be able to scramble through windows rather than having to toss grenades in and run for the door.

Another exciting update in PUBG Mobile patch 0.15.0 is the ability to ignite gas canisters with gunfire. It’s something that’s rarely been talked about in the past, but the update will pave the way for some truly explosive kills. If you see a gas canister post-update, you’ve probably walked into a trap. A single shot will likely be enough to knock you down. Even abandoned vehicles will pose a significant risk going forward.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 New Vehicle

One hand gives, another takes away. PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 introduces a unique amphibious vehicle: the BRDM-2. Capable of both land and sea travel, this cool convertible has bullet-proof tires, making it borderline impossible to stop. Its versatility, however, sees the beloved Armored UAZ sent to the scrapheap. You won’t be seeing old faithful out in the wild once the BRDM-2 enters the game.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 New Guns

The dreaded Deagle makes its PUBG Mobile debut in patch 0.15.0. Officially known as the Desert Eagle, the high-caliber handgun is a staple of popular military shooter titles. Its deafening crack and high recoil tells you all you need to know about the stopping power of its 0.45 ACP rounds.

According to this Twitter post, the PUBG Mobile Desert Eagle will spawn on all maps, and can be kitted out with a sight, magazine, and grip attachments.

If you’ve been messing around in the new Payload mode, you likely came across the sawed-off grenade launcher and RPG. These aren’t wholly new to PUBG Mobile right now. But they do serve a very specific purpose in the new mode, which we’ll detail down below.

PUBG Mobile Payload mode

PUBG Mobile Payload Mode Release Date

Like many PUBG Mobile patches, 0.15.0 brings a brand-new mode to the table. This one is called Payload. Details are scarce right now, even with popular YouTuber Powerbang Gaming playing a round in a recent video. You’re limited to the larger Erangel map for this, but there are some distinct differences. Namely we have the addition of helicopters.

Payload appears to stick to the standard 100-person Battle Royale formula with the very same win conditions, but you can use helicopters and explosives to rain hell from above and scout out special weapons from underground drops. Similar to Apex Legends, recently killed squad members can also be revived from communication towers littered around the map.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 rumors

As if the above wasn’t enough content already, there’s word of a few other big gameplay additions coming with the patch. These haven’t been made official yet, but they do exist within the game in other regions.

The first of these is the new TDM map. We featured this in a post a little while back when footage slipped out of China, but the 0.15.0 update seems like the best time to expect it over here.

Then there’s talk of another dramatic new mode – Survival. This rumored mode looks to take a few notes from survival RPG games like Rust. Players will drop into the snowy climes of Vikendi and will need to out-survive their opponents not just by killing them, but by building fires to beat the chill. PUBG Mobile‘s new Survival mode seems like a bit much to expect in an already feature-rich 0.15.0 patch, so this might not make it in until 0.15.5 at the earliest.

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