PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Beta Patch Notes Bring Team Deathmatch, Remove Tyrant

The end of RE2 doesn't mean the end of PUBG Zombies.

With PUBG Mobile Season 7 now in full swing, Tencent is encouraging players to forgo the rewards and instead try out the latest beta version. Timed well for the weekend, 0.13.0 beta kicked off on Friday, May 24. There aren’t any hyper-specific PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 patch notes just yet. Instead, the beta client is focused on testing a few larger changes to the game; like a brand-new mode, graphical additions, and staggered removal of past event content. That’s right – the Resident Evil 2 collaboration is finally winding down.

By far the biggest reason to anticipate the PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 update is the new Team Deathmatch mode. Seen by some as a way to combat Activision’s upcoming Call of Duty Mobile – where Team Deathmatch has long been considered its main forté over its own take on the Battle Royale formula – the mode is available for testing in both FPP and TPP modes. FPP was removed soon after the beta went live for undisclosed reasons, but we’re not expecting that to be a permanent decision right now.

PUBG Mobile town

PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch pits multiple teams of four players against each other on small maps. Rather than being eliminated after a single first death, players respawn infinitely until one team reaches the kill limit. To facilitate more tactical play, things like footsteps and tire marks will now appear on snow terrain. That’s going to put a new spin on Vikendi matches, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the best Vikendi landing and loot spots!

For the dexterous types out there, the PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 beta makes some much-needed tweaks to the vaulting system that caused a real headache back in the early days of the game. Vault has now been separated from the once inclusive Jump button, giving players a tad more control with their movements. To further build upon that extra level of freedom, you can now easily cancel a vault by moving backward. Separate FPP control settings have also been added.

Other minor tweaks include an MVP emotes tab and the option to add appearances, emotes, and voices in Portable Closets – which can now be swapped out in matches, too.

Signaling the end of the Resident Evil 2 collaboration, this new update removes the signature enemy types from the Survive Till Dawn mode. That means no more Tyrant, G, Licker, or Zombie Cop mobs to gun down from here on out. Go out and make some memories before the update enters the main game. To make up for the loss, new enemies will be introduced later down the line, the Abandoned Factory has been added and features a new boss, Tank units will buff nearby zombies, and the Skinner mob can now slow nearby players with its new ability.

If those changes have you contemplating the use of the Liquid Nitrogen Mines, that’s probably by design. The patch has extended their use time and added a Freezing Fog effect that lingers in the air, slowing units that stroll through it.

The PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 beta is available on both Android and iOS. Being a beta, you’re encouraged to scout out and report any bugs by filling in a simple survey form. Sad about the end of the RE2 collab? Godzilla came to take its place!

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