Psychonauts 2 Pins Guide – How to Unlock Pins & Which Ones to Buy

After 16 years, Psychonauts 2 has finally arrived and it’s just as weird as you’d expect. Taking place after the original, you once again control Raz as they attempt to join the psychic spy organization, The Psychonauts, while unraveling another mind-bending conspiracy. Similar to the previous game, Psychonauts 2 mixes action, platforming, and puzzle-solving. As you progress through the game, Raz will gain access to pins that can modify and enhance his various abilities and skills. These are critical if you are struggling with some of Psychonauts 2’s trickier fights and will be the primary thing you spend your Psitanium on. Given how expensive some of these pins are, you’ll want to ensure you’re purchasing the best ones early on.

How to Unlock Pins

You will unlock the ability to purchase pins a couple of hours into Psychonauts 2’s story. Once you arrive in the Mother Lobe, you will complete a few minor quests before being introduced to Otto’s stores. You’ll then be given a brief tutorial that has you purchasing the Sapphire Lev Ball. Upon completing this tutorial, you will be able to freely purchase whatever pins you can afford from Otto’s shop. Keep in mind, some of the pins are locked behind hitting a specific Intern Level or obtaining certain PSI Ability upgrades. So don’t expect to purchase some of the best ones right away. Truthfully, you should focus on buying the Psifold Wallet and Astral Wallet first since these increase the amount of Psitanium you can hold.

What Pins to Purchase

Once you have some Psitanium weighing down your wallet, there are a few pins that I recommend purchasing first. Remember, you can only wear three pins at a time and these can be changed on the fly by opening up your journal. Just navigate to the “Pins” tab and select which ones you want equipped.

  • Heavy Thoughts – This pin allows you to use your Mental Connection to pin down enemies. It’s easy to become swarmed in fights, so this badge makes crowd control far easier. While dragging enemies can be useful, you will typically want to create more space during battles not crowd foes around Raz.
  • Psimultanium – A late-game pin, Psimultainum is perfect for those trying to 100% Psychonauts 2. It will drastically increase the amount of Psitanium that is dropped, This makes purchasing some of the pricier pins far easier and will ease some of the late-game grind.
  • Plucky – A great utility pin, Plucky lets you rip apart the ground itself with Telekinesis. This will provide you with a nearly endless amount of ammo to hurl at enemies, which is great if you are fighting foes from a distance. Given how strong Telekinesis is once you unlock its third upgrade, Plucky ensures you can just spam objects at foes until they are vanquished.
  • Bubble Wrap – Time Bubble is the best Psi combat ability in the entire game. Being able to slow an enemy down so you can dish out some free punches transforms tough fights into a casual stroll through the park.
  • Strike-onaut – This pin increases Raz’s melee damage. That’s it. That’s the only reason you should need to run it.

Along with the pins above, there are also a little over a dozen you can pick from and use whenever you want. The problem is a lot of these pins are niche or simply make the game even wackier. There’s nothing wrong with using them, but if you want the best pins that will actually improve your survivability the ones above should be your first pick up.


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