Psychonauts 2 Luctopus Guide – How to Defeat the Luctopus Boss

After 16 years, Psychonauts 2 has finally arrived and it’s just as weird as you’d expect. Taking place after the original, you once again control Raz as they attempt to join the psychic spy organization, The Psychonauts, while unraveling another mind-bending conspiracy. Similar to the previous game, Psychonauts 2 mixes action, platforming, and puzzle-solving. While you will encounter numerous challenging foes, your first major boss will be the Luctopus in Hollis’ Hotstreak. This massive, neon-drenched octopus will force you to juggle your powers and dodge some tricky attacks if you want to survive. Here’s how to vanquish this nightmarish abomination.

Psychonauts 2 Luctopus

How to Beat the Luctopus

The Luctopus is broken up into three phases, each of which slightly ramping up the difficulty and adding a new attack you’ll need to watch out for. In the beginning, equip Telekinesis and Mental Connection while the Luctopus hurls out explosive lightbulbs. Instead of triggering them to explode, simply dodge them and wait for the attack to end. Once the battlefield is littered with lightbulbs, grab one with Telekinesis and hurl it at the tentacle holding the cards on the right. If you get close, Raz will lock onto an empty socket that conveniently fits the bulb.

Doing this will short circuit the Luctopus and make a few thought bubbles for Raz to grab onto. Use Mental Connection to climb along the left and kill the enemy on the stack of poker chips. Now use PSI Blast to shatter the crystal shield protecting the Luctopus’ brain. This can be a little finicky, so make sure to aim by holding down whatever button you tied the power to. It will make aiming much easier and let you hit the crystal. Once it’s broken more thought bubbles will appear, allowing you to move over to the beast’s head. Drop into the skull and begin wailing on the brain until the boss spits you out.

Psychonauts 2 Luctopus

Your strategy for the second phase will remain the same, however, the socket will now require two hits. Additionally, the Luctopus will now shuffle the deck which can deal heavy damage if you’re struck by it. You’ll know she is using this move due to the red lines appearing around the arena. Stand in an area where the lines aren’t and wait till she finishes shuffling. After this happens, the Luctopus will hurl more bombs so use them to stun her once more. Now just make your way up to the stack of chips on the left, destroy the crystal shield, and then smack her heart around some more.

The third phase is where things get a bit tricky, as the Luctopus will electrify the floor for a decent amount of time. When she does this, hop onto the stack of chips and wait. Sometimes, the Luctopus will also initiate a shuffle attack while the floor is still electrified. If this happens, doing it can be pretty damn tricky. Try to either jump over the shuffling cards or just tank the damage. This move also destroys some of the chips, so be careful about not landing on the table while it’s electrified.

After this attack ends, wait for the Luctopus to hurl more bombs out at Raz. She will throw out two extra this time and will temporarily block her weak point with some cards. Wait until the cards lower to hurl the bulb bombs at the last tentacle. Stunning the Luctopus for the third time will create more thought bubbles. Do exactly what you did before so you can reach her skull and deal the final blow. This will end the fight and complete the Hollis’ Hotstreak level


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