Psychonauts 2 Judges Guide – How to Defeat the Judges Boss

After 16 years, Psychonauts 2 has finally arrived and it’s just as weird as you’d expect. Taking place after the original, you once again control Raz as they attempt to join the psychic spy organization, The Psychonauts, while unraveling another mind-bending conspiracy. Similar to the previous game, Psychonauts 2 mixes action, platforming, and puzzle-solving. There are also several boss fights throughout the game which will test your quick thinking and combat prowess. One of these is the Judges during Compton’s Cookoff. Keep in mind, I am talking about the enemies at the end of the level, not the Judge boss at the very beginning. This is actually an introduction to an enemy you’ll see throughout the level.

How to Beat the Judges

Similar to the Luctopus, this boss is broken up into three different phases. The core of this fight revolves around you locating regurgitated ingredients and hurling them into one of the two receptacles on the right and left sides of the arena. These will be big globs of purple goo that’s vomited by the judges during their attack phases. You will only need one ingredient at a time and not every vomited glob of goo will be the right item. Just use your Telekinesis ability to free the food product and hurl it into the tube. You can always see what you need by looking on the monitors behind the judges.

Psychonauts 2 Judges Boss

When the fight starts, the Judges will only have three basic attacks. The first is just throwing up purple sludge balls onto you. These can be easily dodged by just running around or rolling out of the way. The second has them slamming their bodies onto the floor and rocketing towards Raz. When you see one of the Judges pull back, be ready to move out of the way before they charge. Finally, the Judges will occasionally cover the entire arena in purple goo. If this happens, stand on one of the debris to keep from taking any damage. Eventually, they will throw up some ingredients, so find the right one and throw it into the tube. You’ll need to do this 2-3 times before Compton finishes his meal.

As Compton assembles the meal, a wave of small Censors will spawn and attack. Destroying all of them will move you to the damage phase. Run up to the completed dish and press Y (Xbox One) / Triangle (PS5) to throw the food into the Judge’s mouth. This will damage them and eventually cause that puppet to explode. Upon its death, the puppet will be replaced with a large egg beater. Your second phase will be largely the same with the exception of having to dodge a new attack. It’s another projectile move that has the middle puppet vomit onto the egg beater, flinging goo everywhere on the battlefield.

Psychonauts 2 Judges Boss

Outside of that, you will be dodging the same moves and repeating the same process of flinging the right ingredients into the tubes to make a meal. Once the Compton has the food another wave of enemies will spawn, this time regular size Censors and flying foes will join the fray. Deal with them as you normally would before the dish is completed. Raz will then feed the meal to the left judge causing it to explode. A large spatula will replace this judge, giving it one final, new attack.

Now you will need to watch out for the spatula to slam onto the floor and scrape across the arena. This takes up the entire left side of the battlefield, so stick to the right and you should be safe. Play safe and wait until more ingredients arrive so you can throw them into the tubes. The best way to survive this third phase is to play it safe, as you’ll be facing one of those hammer-wielding enemies right before Compton delivers the dish. When fighting this enemy, make sure to use Telekinesis to rip away its hammer. It makes fighting this foe much easier — especially if you are low on health. After you feed the final judge the dish, it will explode and the battle will conclude.


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