Psychonauts 2 Intern Credits Guide – How to Get Intern Credits to Rank Up

After 16 years, Psychonauts 2 has finally arrived and it’s just as weird as you’d expect. Taking place after the original, you once again control Raz as they attempt to join the psychic spy organization, The Psychonauts, while unraveling another mind-bending conspiracy. Similar to the previous game, Psychonauts 2 mixes action, platforming, and puzzle-solving. To give you an edge, Raz can power up his psychic abilities with Intern Credits. These are essentially skill points, allowing you to modify or alter how your different powers perform. For example, you can increase the burn time of Pyrokinesis or add an extra punch to Raz’s melee attack. Thankfully, earning these Intern Credits is fairly simple since there are numerous ways.

How to Get Intern Credits

Before going into the best methods, here’s a quick rundown of everyday you can earn these skill points:

  • Collect 9 PSI Challenge Cards and Combine them with a PSI Core
  • Collect PSI Challenge Markers
  • Collect Nuggets of Wisdom
  • Collect Figments
  • Complete Emotional Baggage

Of these methods, your two most common methods, especially early on, will be obtaining PSI Challenge Cards and Nuggets of Wisdom. The former are found all throughout the Motherlobe and are represented by dancing cards with a bright white light around them. In order to unlock an Intern Credit you’ll need nine of them and a PSI Core which can be purchased at one of the stores in the base. Combining them will give you a free Intern Credit, which you can use to enhance your skills. There are cards everywhere in the Motherlobe, so keep an eye out for them as you’re running around the map. Just remember, some locations in this area will be locked until later in the game.

Another good way to gain Intern Credits is by obtaining Nuggets of Wisdom. These are golden icons are scattered throughout different people’s brains and are typically hidden. There are usually only a few per level, so keep an eye out for them as you explore. Just like the PSI Challenge Cards, some of them won’t be obtainable until you get other powers. Thankfully, you will be able to visit previous missions after you complete Hollis’ Hotstreak and unlock the Smelling Salts item.

You should also try to collect every Figment you come across. As you obtain these items you’ll fill a small meter at the top of the screen. Once you complete this bar, you will earn a single Intern Credit to use as you wish. There are hundreds and hundreds of figments in the various minds you’ll visit, so you should have no problem finding them. Completing any Emotional Baggage will give you additional progress towards this bar. This is done by finding a specific baggage tag and then pairing it with the crying piece of luggage in that specific mind. Some of them will not be available right away, so make sure to visit previous worlds once you gain new powers.

After completing the campaign and grabbing as many collectibles as possible I hit Intern Level 64. If you are looking to hit 100, it is going to take a lot longer, so be prepared to do some work once the credits roll!


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