Psychonauts 2 Health Guide – How to Increase Your Health

After 16 years, Psychonauts 2 has finally arrived and it’s just as weird as you’d expect. Taking place after the original, you once again control Raz as they attempt to join the psychic spy organization, The Psychonauts, while unraveling another mind-bending conspiracy. Similar to the previous game, Psychonauts 2 mixes action, platforming, and puzzle-solving. If you hope to survive this journey you’ll want to upgrade Raz’s health, as enemies deal a surprising amount of damage on Normal difficulty. Thankfully, you can start upgrading his health pretty early in the game.

Here’s how to increase the number of brains you have in Psychonauts 2:

How to Increase Your Health

You will unlock the ability to increase your health in the second mission, Hollis’ Classroom. As you progress through the level you will eventually arrive in a tall, cylindrical room with a brain standing in the center. This is a Half-A-Mind and as the name suggests you will need to find two of them to increase Raz’s health. You can see the number of Half-A-Minds available in each mission by opening up your Journal and going to the map subtab. Then just select the Brain you’re currently in and along the right column you’ll see how many Half-A-Minds are in that mission.

Remember, you need two Half-A-Minds to increase your health by one brain. Each brain contains four health segments, which can be replenished with a Psy Pop, finding medical pills on the ground, or completing a Half-A-Mind. Keep in mind (see what I did there?) that these brains won’t always be right next to one another and may take some exploring around the world to obtain. Additionally, some Half-A-Minds may only be obtainable when you first arrive. There are numerous collectibles locked behind other psi powers that Raz won’t get until much later in the game.

With that being said, you can get all of the Half-A-Minds in Hollis’ Classroom and Hollis’ Hotstreak without any additional abilities. This will give you three additional brains, which is extra useful given there are some tricky fights later on in the game. Unfortunately, this is the only way to actually upgrade Raz’s health, so always keep an eye out for these fractured brains. They are rarely on the main path, so consider exploring other areas even if you are able to progress further. Psychonauts 2 really likes to hide its collectibles and they are quite important so make sure to hunt them down whenever you can!


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