Save Storage Space on Your PS5 – How to Disable Trophy Video Capture

When it comes to next-generation consoles, you often want to save as much storage space as possible. This is because the base PS5 has 885 GB, but it’s more like 650GB after updates and transferring data. Since games are quite large now, you’ll want to cut down on any features that are filling up your storage with unnecessary files. One of these, that the system doesn’t even tell you about, is trophy video capturing. Essentially, whenever you earn a trophy the PS5 captures and saves a 15-second video of this achievement. While this sounds great, it can easily start eating away at your storage. Here’s how to disable this feature on your PS5.

How to Turn off Trophy Video Capature

After you finish loading up your PlayStation 5, push up on the left thumbstick until you highlight Games and then scroll over to the gear icon next to your PSN icon. Open up the Settings menu and navigate down to Captures and Broadcasts at the very bottom. Now scroll down to Trophies and then highlight Save Trophy Videos. Press X to disable it, ensuring that your storage space won’t be flooded with unnecessary videos of you earning trophies. You can also disable Trophy Screenshots, which takes a photo of the moment you earn a trophy. Unless you want to brag to your friends, this is another option you can safely disable. While it might not seem like much, turning these off will help in the long run with managing your PS5’s storage.

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Inversely, if you want to keep your Trophy videos, you can actually extend the video duration from the base 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Once you complete a trophy, just open up the Media Gallery application on the home screen and select the game you got the trophy for. In there, you will find all of the trophy videos captured which you can share, edit, or manage. On average these trophy videos only take up between 30-50MB apiece, but this can quickly add up if you are hunting tons of trophies. Unless you are using external storage, this is something I really recommend you just turn off for now.

Keep in mind, any trophies you earned on the PS4 will carry over, but there obviously won’t be any videos for them. This feature is simply for any game you play on the PS5. You can view your trophies by clicking your PSN profile picture and then scrolling down to trophies. There you wills ee a list of all the trophies you’ve earned, which ones have Platinums, and your overall Trophy score. If you’ve been keeping track, you’ll notice the Trophy Score is much higher than it used to be. This is simply because the PS5 is weighing the value of each trophy differently, so don’t be alarmed if you suddenly have a higher ranking.