Project Zomboid Barricade Guide – How to Barricade a Window

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In the Project Zomboid universe, something as innocuous as an open window can mark the end of your character’s life. There is no escape from the game’s ridiculously detailed features, but once you learn how to operate around them, your chances of survival will greatly increase.

This guide will teach you how to barricade a window in Project Zomboid so you can keep all those unwanted visitors at bay.

How to Barricade a Window – Project Zomboid

The steps to build a Project Zomboid barricade are simple enough, but you’ll need some materials beforehand. In order to barricade a window in Project Zomboid, you have to gather:

  • A hammer
  • Wood planks (up to four)
  • Nails (two per plank)
  • Then, right-click on a window and choose Barricade (Planks)

All of these items can usually be found in closets, tool sheds, garages, or warehouses. Plus, you don’t need any level of Carpentry to barricade windows. If you were wondering how to barricade a door in Project Zomboid, the steps are the same.

If you’re using planks or metal bars, you should use a sheet as a curtain to manage outdoors’ visibility.

That’s the gist of it,  but there is much more to this mechanic. Alongside planks, you can create barricades with stronger materials. Metal sheet barricades require a propane torch, a welder mask, and a metal sheet per window. Metal bar barricades, on the other hand, also require both a propane torch and a welder mask in addition to three metal bars per window.

Each barricade type has a specific behavior, which can affect your visibility. A barricade of wooden planks is by far the weakest of the bunch, while it will take longer for zombies to destroy metal sheets and bars. The upside is that you get to choose how many planks you want to use on a window. Two planks can still provide enough space to see through, but three or four planks are going to block your view from a window.

If you use a metal sheet, visibility is blocked completely but the defense is greater as a result. Ultimately, metal bars are ideal for a barricade, as they have the same durability as metal sheets but don’t block your view.

Sheet ropes can provide a great exit.

Why the focus on visibility? Alongside noise, it’s a key component to staying hidden from nearby zombies, which can be the difference between them just passing by or immediately targeting you. Barricades provide protection but they don’t last forever — especially if it’s a group that wants to break a window or door as opposed to just one zombie, which you can safely lure to the back of the house for a quiet takedown. You can use curtains on windows to manage visibility depending on the situation. For this, you only need to grab sheets from any house, which will work perfectly as curtains.

From here, the strategy you use around barricades is up to you. It’s important to note you can place barricades both outside and inside windows. If you barricade both sides, this will provide additional protection — or, in the worst-case scenario, buy you some extra time to plan your getaway.

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If you want to make the most secure fort possible, barricading all doors and windows, you can use a sheet rope. You can make them out of sheets, vests, blouses, sweaters, pants, skirts, and so on. Then, if you have a hammer and at least one nail, head to a window on a second floor or higher, right-click on it, and place the sheet rope.

Note that you will need an extra rope for each floor you’ll be climbing up or down. The upside is that zombies cannot climb them (although they can attempt to destroy them if the windows are open — make sure to keep them closed), so sheet ropes can provide a great exit plan.

That’s all you need to know to create a Project Zomboid barricade. If you’re looking for extra help, we have guides on difficulty, how to lose weight, hotwiring cars, and how to siphon gas.