Pokemon Unite Sylveon Guide – Best Moveset, Items, & Build

Whatever your reason, you’ve landed on this page to learn the best way to play Sylveon in Pokemon Unite. Maybe you really like Sylveon. Maybe you’re only concerned with Win/Loss records. Maybe you’re neither and picked Sylveon up just for fun! Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to take home plenty of Ws with our guide to Sylveon!

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream

Sylveon functions as a surprisingly beefy AoE (Area-of-Effect) assassin at range. Those words shouldn’t really go together, but in this specific instance, they do. A Sylveon with Calm Mind and Hyper Voice can essentially sit at max range and pelt the entire enemy team with AoE waves of destruction. Should something decide to target you, Calm Mind’s Armor mechanic essentially grants you safe harbor to flee, especially if you have an Eject Button handy. Combine this with Fairy Frolic, essentially guaranteeing you a full heal and additional AoE damage on the enemy, and you’ve got a nearly unkillable murder machine.

I say “nearly” only because there are ways to shut down Sylveon. No matter how good the Armor from Calm Mind is, Sylveon’s defensive stats are still quite low and will melt quickly if focused. Furthermore, an enemy team that stays semi-spread out will reduce Sylveon’s overall damage output, minimizing your threat level. 

Sylveon’s Pre and Early Game

Your weapons of choice should be Buddy Barrier, Wise Glasses, and Choice Specs. Buddy Barrier is a staple. But especially since Fairy Frolic grants you life drain and invulnerability, you will want that barrier as an extra bit of insurance when Fairy Frolic wears off. Wise Glasses and Choice Specs will significantly boost your Hyper Voice. Finally, you can use Eject Button for that much-needed escape away from a bad time.

When the game starts, as Eevee, grab Swift and head to either the lane or jungle — whatever slot is available. You are at your weakest in the early game, so you really don’t want to lose a lead, especially if you’re up against lane demons like Scorbunny, Mr. Mime, or Snorlax. Once you hit level 5 and learn Hyper Voice, the game is on. 

Sylveon in Middle and Late Game

Sylveon requires a lot of forethought and tact in order to play effectively. There are myriad nuances to how this Pokemon plays that the casual observer might miss, such as… I’m just kidding, actually. Sylveon is the easiest Pokemon to play — the only two rules you have to obey are: stay away from enemies and always Calm Mind before you Hyper Voice or Fairy Frolic. You should Hyper Voice groups of enemies whenever possible for maximum damage. Also, never push past your frontline. Follow these rules and you’re extremely likely to win.

You can alternate Hyper Voice out for Mystical Fire and function as a single-target assassin, but I find that Hyper Voice makes Zapdos captures much more likely. After all, everyone is bunched up in that tiny enclosure, perfect for grouped-up Voice hits.

The only other advice I can put into this guide is more generalized Pokemon Unite advice — fight for Rotom and Drednaw, abuse your Hyper Voice to scare away enemies at Zapdos, and score goals whenever you see an opening. That’s honestly it. Sylveon is one of the most effective and easy assassins to play. I just feel I have to apologize to all the other players who will see a rise in the number of Sylveons as a result of this guide.


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