Pokemon Unite Mamoswine Guide – Best Moveset, Items, & Build

Two tusks, one task.

There is something special about playing characters with displacements. Whether you’re an absolute pervert who practiced Pudge hooks in DOTA 2 or giggled every time you hooked a Mercy out of the air as Roadhog in Overwatch, characters with grabbing mechanics appeal to a very specific type of player — the one who wants to make other players as miserable as possible. If you’re here, you might just be that kind of player. In which case, welcome — and here’s a guide on how to win with Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite!

Mamoswine’s Pre and Early Game

Your loadout should be as such: Buddy Barrier, Muscle Band, and Focus Band. You can optionally swap out Buddy Barrier for Score Shield if you wish, but I find more success with Buddy Barrier. Your item should be Eject Button, but not for escape purposes — oh no, you’re going behind enemy lines, soldier! More on this later.

Early game, grab Tackle and farm in lane. Tackle is your early displacement ability, so use it wisely. If your partner is getting harassed, you can Tackle the enemy away or towards your partner if they’re trying to run away. Once you evolve into Piloswine, grab Ice Fang and get ready to make some people mad.

Mamoswine in Mid to Late Game

The trick to Ice Fang is situational awareness — you want to single out weak Pokemon that cannot take punishment, or extremely dangerous Pokemon that you want to prevent from dealing damage. The choice is different in every team fight. Furthermore, what you actually do with that target depends on several factors. Is your team positioned well and ready to unleash hell’s fury once you toss the target? Throw them in the mosh pit. If not, you may want to toss them away from the fight in order to delay their ability to engage and reduce their damage output. Or better yet — toss them into another enemy to freeze both.

Finally, once you reach Mamoswine, you will replace Tackle with Earthquake. Second verse is the same as the first: EQ into units that are ripe for grabbing and toss them wherever appropriate. Just be aware that Mamoswine is very much a one-trick pony — there are only so many times you can Ice Fang someone before they recognize what’s happening and adjust their playstyle.

Last Minute Thoughts on Mamoswine

Now, let’s talk about the Eject Button ability. Again, you really need that situational awareness thing mentioned up top. You may have to sneak around in the jungle to position yourself appropriately, which can require some sneaky Eject Button usage. E-Button into their backline and grab their ranged damage dealer, whoever it may be, and toss them into the frontline. This will make them vulnerable since it’ll force them to either use their Eject Button or perish.

Keep in mind, however, that Ice Fang does not work on units with Unstoppable. This means you cannot grab a Sylveon running Calm Mind or a Lucario charging up a Power-Up Punch. You really need to know what each Pokemon is doing in order to effectively play Mamoswine. But once you get the hang of it, you will easily be the most hated player in the game. Good luck, trainers!

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