Pokemon Unite Items Guide – Best Held Items for Each Role

Buddy Barrier, best buddy.

If you’re new to Pokemon UNITE, you may find yourself wondering what to do with your held item slots. There are a ton of choices, and if you’re like me, you may get hit with immediate choice paralysis — understandable, really. Worry not, however, as we’ve got a list of must have items to spend your tokens on first and foremost down below!

Keep in mind that UNITE has different roles and requirements for each role. Defenders generally want health and defenses, while Attackers generally want more of the stat that helps them dole out damage more effectively. In short, what items will work best for you is based entirely off of what role you wish to play, and even then, is narrowed down further based on what Pokemon you’d like to play within that role. 

Best Items for Defenders

Defenders, in general, desire stats that make them big and strong — strong enough to weather any damage that comes their way. While there are variations (for instance, Greedent is a more offensive Defender compared to the much more bulky Snorlax), in general, your top three items are going to be Buddy Barrier, Focus Band, and Energy Amplifier. 

Buddy Barrier provides shield support to a unit near you after a Unite Move, allowing both of you to stay in the fight longer, while Focus Band makes you much tougher to kill with the health regen passive. Energy Amplifier rewards smart Unite Move usage, as well as providing some cooldown reduction. You can slot these three items on any Defender and see a marked improvement in survivability!

Best Items for Attackers

Attackers, unfortunately, are split into two categories — Physical and Special Attackers. This is important, because depending on the type, your Pokemon will only receive bonus damage from the proper stat, even with abilities that, in the mainline Pokemon games, would be classified as the opposite type.

  • Attack Stat Users – Cinderace and Greninja
  • Special Attack Stat Users – Alolan Ninetales, Venusaur, Gardevoir, Cramorant, Pikachu, Sylveon

For Cinderace and Greninja, your top three items are Buddy Barrier, Scope Lens, and Muscle Band.

For the Special Attackers, your top three items are Buddy Barrier, Wise Glasses, and Choice Specs.

Best Items for Speedsters

Speedsters have some variety of choices to them depending on your goal. If you want to succeed at ganking from the Jungle, your top three items are Buddy Barrier, and for all Speedsters EXCEPT Gengar, Muscle Band and Attack Weight. Gengar, on the other hand, wants Wise Glasses and Choice Specs instead. However, if your goal is to score points and be as annoying as possible, swap the Buddy Barrier for a Score Shield or Goal Getter.

Best Items for All-rounders

The jack-of-all-trades class, All-rounders do not dole out as much damage as Attackers nor can they soak up damage like Defenders. Instead, the goal is to fill a slot and do a little bit of everything. As such, the three best items for this group are Buddy Barrier, Muscle Band, and Focus Band, giving you some damage and survivability.

Best Items for Supporters

The medics of UNITE, Supporters’ entire game plan is to live long enough to keep their team locked, stocked, and ready to rock via superb healing and buffs. This can be tricky, because support damage can be ignored, and so some of the offensive items are kind of wasted — yet if you do not get some offense, you are much easier solo prey. Striking a balance is key, and so the top three items to get are Buddy Barrier, Focus Band, and Wise Glasses. 

You may have noticed one item in particular standing out amongst the rest, and that item is Buddy Barrier. You want this item as your first maxed item, because in addition to providing flat health, and therefore flat survivability, you also get shields when you use your Unite Move — critical in turning the tide of a fight and surviving enemy Unite Moves. 

What About Battle Items?

Battle Items, thankfully, are a bit simpler until you reach the higher competitive ranks. If you are a Jungler of any flavor, you generally want Fluffy Tail or Eject Button. If you are a Defender, you want Full Heal or Eject Button. Finally, if you are literally anything else, you want Eject Button. The blink ability is too strong to pass up for temporary damage boosts, even if you already have a movement ability. Best of luck, trainers!

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