Pokemon Unite Aeos Coins Guide – How to Get Aeos Coins

Pokemon Unite is a new free-to-play game from developers TiMi Studio Group and The Pokemon Company. This game takes the world of Pokemon and fuses it with various MOBA elements from games like DOTA 2 or Heroes of the Storm. Players pick from a roster of Pokemon, which serve as the game’s champions, and battle it out to score points for their team. Whichever team earns the most points or destroys all the enemy team’s point receptacles wins the match. Similar to other free MOBAS, players will need to grind if they want to unlock other Pokemon to use. If you want to purchase these Pokemon, new outfits, and items you will need to earn some Aeos Coins.

How to Get Aeos Coins

Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can earn Aeos Coins in Pokemon Unite — especially if you’re just starting out. Before we get into the best methods, here’s a quick rundown of every day to obtain this currency:

  • After completing Unite Battles (Up to 2,100 a week)
  • Completing tutorials
  • Completing Daily Missions
  • Completing Daily Challenges
  • Completing Event Missions
  • Hitting 90 Fair Play Points
  • Reaching certain Trainer Levels

Your most common method, at least when you first start, will be by leveling up your trainer and completing challenges/missions. These can be found in the main menu under the “Challenge” and “Events” tab at the bottom below your Pokemon. Each of these will give you a nice chunk of Aeos Coins for usually just doing what you’d normally do in games of Pokemon Unite. These can be anything from just playing matches to defeating Zapdos or scoring 50 points. Additionally, you can earn a few thousand Aeos Coins by completing all the Advanced Tutorials. You should do these anyway, but they will also let you make some easy money. Plus, they only take a couple of minutes a pice to finish!

I recommend doing all of the Advanced Tutorials and Daily Challenges first, as they will let you quickly amass a lot of coins. Combining this with just leveling up your trainer and you should have enough for your first locked Pokemon in a few hours. The issue is once you exhaust a lot of these alternative methods of farming Aeos Coins you will become reliant on earning your 2,100 coins through matches. Since your capped each week, it’s imperative you hit that 2,100 amount to ensure you keep a healthy pace to unlock more Pokemon or items.

The rest of the methods only dish out a small amount of Aeos Coins. With Pokemon and some items costing thousands of coins, earn 80 Aeos Coins for hitting 90 Fair Play Points isn’t moving the needle in a substantial direction. Focus solely on completing the tutorials, challenges, and missions first, as they will be your main source of coins throughout the week. Everything else should be viewed as supplementary. Additionally, make sure you are buying Pokemon you cannot unlock via other methods. For example, you can earn Venosaur by hitting Trainer Level 5, so there’s no need to actually spend your coins. Save it for the more expensive Pokemon like Gengar or Cinderace.

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